Backplate & wing BCDs are not only for the technical diver

Many notice when they walk through our door at IDC that along with the common jacket-style and back-inflate buoyancy compensators we also have several backplate and wings on display and in our rentals. Should you dive with us, you’ll also notice that the majority of our staff and most active divers opt for this system. Talk to those that dive with one and you’ll likely uncover a deep appreciation for this piece of dive equipment.

Cold water diving is hot

 This comes as little surprise to avid scuba and freedivers across Canada, much of Europe, parts of the USA and around the world that have been diving in cold water for years, but many don’t realize how great it is. But all that is starting to change. Sure, it is nice to throw on a … Continued

Women’s wetsuit tips when buying online, 4 things to know

Size matters. As most of us know when it comes to clothing size can vary from store to store and brand to brand. The same is true for wetsuits. You may be an 8 in an Aqualung, but a 10 in Bare. Aqualung usually fits a little large whereas Bare is definitely the opposite in … Continued

Do I Need a Dive Light?

And while a cutting device is a vital component of your safety equipment on every dive; what many don’t realize is that a dive light is also critical and not just on night dives.

Dive Travel Tips

Dive travel can be extremely rewarding and memorable, here are a few tips to make any diving vacation go a little more smoothly:

Top 10 Dive Computers 2016

We’re here to help you decide which dive computer will work best for you if you are making a purchase this year.

3 tips for getting back into diving

Life happens and sometimes that can mean months or years away from the water. After a dry spell, jumping back in to scuba diving can be intimidating.

6 Tips on How to Store Dive Gear

Whether it is due to moving, traveling, family, injury, etc, we may knowingly pack up and store our dive gear for an extended period.