New Wave of Dive Computers

Dive computers have become a mandatory part of diving equipment, and divers are active people who usually are into multi-sport actives and the dive industry is seeing this need and creating some new exciting products to ensure your safety and enjoyment of our sport. Also the diving community has a vast diverse demographic of divers … Continued

Dived or dove? Which is correct?

We hear divers and non-divers alike stumble over the past tense of the verb. I know I have. I still do. A typical example, “The Cape Breton? Oh yeah, I dived it last week… dove it? Dived it?  … I was diving on it last week.” So which is it? If you want a simple … Continued

Shearwater’s Nerd 2

Shearwater has been an innovative company for almost 10 years and has created one of the best computers on the market with the Perdix and it’s more recent addition the Perdix AI. Now they have introduced the next step with their newest addition NERD 2. The NERD 2 is so revolutionary for not just rebreather divers, … Continued

Tips for Successfully Diving from A Boat

Every dive boat or skiff is different and the techniques used may differ greatly from one boat to another, but there are some fundamental concerns and skills that should be considered when diving off a boat. Here’s a brief list of some of those considerations. Please feel free to add your own advice as a comment.

Diving Equipment Considerations for Scuba Diving in Canada

Diving in Canada from the East coast to the Great Lakes to the West and Northern Canada means diving in what is usually rather frigid conditions. The cold water (and sometimes weather) does not have to be a deterrent, however. Canada is home to great dives sites with a wealth of biodiversity and history to … Continued

Top 10 Dive Computers 2017

We’re here to help you decide which dive computer will work best for you if you are making a purchase this year.

How to Choose a Scuba or Snorkeling Mask

As you may know most important feature of a good mask is that it fits the individual using it well. But how do you tell if a mask fits before you get it in the water? And, aside from fit, what should one consider when shopping for a new diving mask?

Why Do I Need to Take a Course to Dive in a Drysuit?

Feeling the chill of our temperate waters (or similar conditions around the world) many certified divers want to trade up from a wetsuit and dive in a drysuit. However, some are surprised to learn that it is not as easy as walking into their local dive shop and renting one to try out on their own. … Continued

Are you a good dive buddy?

One of the most critical pieces of scuba dive safety equipment is a good dive buddy. Sure, your own awareness, problem solving and ability to manage stress are vital, but if you get into a situation that is difficult for you to handle on your own a good dive buddy can take a potentially dangerous problem and solve … Continued

Backplate & wing BCDs are not only for the technical diver

Many notice when they walk through our door at IDC that along with the common jacket-style and back-inflate buoyancy compensators we also have several backplate and wings on display and in our rentals. Should you dive with us, you’ll also notice that the majority of our staff and most active divers opt for this system. Talk to those that dive with one and you’ll likely uncover a deep appreciation for this piece of dive equipment.

Cold water diving is hot

 This comes as little surprise to avid scuba and freedivers across Canada, much of Europe, parts of the USA and around the world that have been diving in cold water for years, but many don’t realize how great it is. But all that is starting to change. Sure, it is nice to throw on a … Continued

Women’s wetsuit tips when buying online, 4 things to know

Size matters. As most of us know when it comes to clothing size can vary from store to store and brand to brand. The same is true for wetsuits. You may be an 8 in an Aqualung, but a 10 in Bare. Aqualung usually fits a little large whereas Bare is definitely the opposite in … Continued

Do I Need a Dive Light?

And while a cutting device is a vital component of your safety equipment on every dive; what many don’t realize is that a dive light is also critical and not just on night dives.