Top 10 Dive Computers 2017

Like most other technology dive computers change and evolve so rapidly it can be difficult to keep up, but we’re here to help you decide which will work best for you, in no particular order:

10. Suunto Zoop Novo – Okay, this humble upgrade to the Suunto line is a bit of an unsung hero. The Zoop has long been an affordable way to get into dive computers. But the new Novo version of the Zoop has not just changed the aesthetic (check out the new colour options and the handy fourth button) but has also introduced a backlight and both gauge & freediving modes. These relatively simple features have often been the reason the Zoop has been passed over for more advanced (and thus less economical) options. Now, the Zoop genuinely offers pretty much everything the average recreational diver could ever want at a price we can all appreciate.

9. Aqualung i550 – This efficient machine with attached analogue compass and quick disconnect (great for travel) is a reliable choice for divers looking for an air integrated computer without the worry of wireless or cluttering up your forearms. Features dive, gauge and nitrox modes and Bluetooth integration and compatibility with the DiverLog app.

8. Scubapro M2 – With transmitter. This robust dive computer features Scubapro’s revolutionary “Human Factor Diving engineering & biometrics. This produces an intelligent device that does everything you need it to in diving and beyond. Along with dive mode it also has freediving, sport and swim mode. It has a heart rate and skin temperature monitor that can help you track your performance and various aspects of your physiology in the water and out. The transmitter allows divers to track their gas consumption in a hands-free manner.

7. Aqualung i300 – This modest machine will do everything you need in a computer and won’t hurt your wallet. It’s a well-tested and reliable computer that is intuitive and responsive. It has stainless steel buttons, a comfortable & strong wrist strap, and streamlined profile. It is extremely versatile; allowing divers to choose from Diving, Gauge or Freediving modes.

6. Suunto Vyper Novo – When you’re ready to take diving to the next level, Suunto Vyper Novo is the perfect new dive buddy to take along. Super-solid and nitrox-capable, it’s packed with advanced features that open up new possibilities for exploring the depths, including optional wireless air integration, a digital compass, and gas switching. Just like you, it’s ready for anything.

5. Suunto D6i Novo – Another reliable and powerful Suunto product available for a great price. The D6i is a fashionable watch style wrist computer that features optional wireless air integration, 4 modes (air, nitrox, gauge, freedive), 3D compass, continuous decompression algorithm and download kit. Functional, stylish and more affordable than ever, this is the only dive computer you’ll ever need.

4. Aqualung i450 – Another offering in the watch style wrist computers, the i450 offers a user-changeable battery for the affordability and convenience Aqualung is known for. Its dive functions are easy to use and navigate with the 4 button design. Its visual ascent warning is an innovative safety feature. Offering all the modes you’ll ever need: air, nitrox, gauge, freedive. The i450’s the reliable, intuitive, optional hoseless air integration is yet another streamlined and sporty feature of this intuitive little dive computer with a big display. The ultimate computer for the diver that does it all but insists on safety first.

3. Atomic Aquatics Cobalt 2 – Atomic Aquatics is known for their high quality dive gear from regulators to fins to computers. The Cobalt was one of the first computers on the market to offer a full colour LCD display. Such displays are easy to read even in low visibility or night diving conditions without having to activate a backlight function. The robust, yet streamlined Cobalt 2 is an air integrated computer that allows the diver to pre-program up to 6 favourite gas mixes. The built-in lithium ion battery provides 40-60 hours of amazing diving. Onboard 3D compass and automatic altitude adjustment makes the Cobalt 2 the ultimate travel computer for recreational and technical divers alike. Don’t settle for anything but the best with this computer.

2. Suunto Eon Steel Dive Computer – Suunto, one of, if not the most trusted names in dive computers and instrumentation switches things up with the Eon. Featured in Diver magazine, among others, the Eon offers a brilliant BrightSee display and absolute customization. Extremely durable for even the most punishing of divers the Eon has an attractive heavy-duty housing and stainless steel bezel. Wrist strap and bungee included. Gauge, air, nitrox, CCR (fixed point) modes means that this computer will fulfill all your diving needs for years to come. A user rechargeable battery (20-40 hours per charge) makes this an excellent travel companion.

1. Shearwater Perdix – *now available with transmitter as the Perdix AI* – When it comes to buying local, lower mainland divers are actually a little spoiled. Shearwater offers technologically advanced dive computers developed by long time, experienced area divers. The Perdix is a fantastic choice for recreational and technical divers alike at a reasonable price and featuring a beautiful, easy to read, user customizable display. Have the information that you want where you want it on your computer. Streamlined in aesthetic and function from the Petrel 2, the Perdix offers something for almost everyone, including a built-in digital compass. The two button interface is easy and intuitive to navigate. A user replaceable AA battery means that you’ll never be at the mercy of dive shop hours again or miss precious dive time waiting for a battery replacement from the manufacturer! 4 modes: OC rec, OC Tec, CC fixed PPO2 & gauge means the Perdix can and will surely handle all the dives you’ll ever want to do.