Our response to the COVID-19 Virus

To our valuable clientele,

International Diving Centre has one of the best safety records in the business, and has always maintained a low student to instructor ratio set by our store which exceeds PADIs recommended standards for the benefit of our students. We have also become aware in recent days since the announcement of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus that this needs to be taken seriously and additional precautions need to be made. We have since taken extra precautions to reduce and eliminate the spread of this pandemic in dealing with our business and the general public as well as running of our certification courses. We want to inform you of the additional precautions we’re taking here at International Diving Centre and teaching our students in the pool and ocean sessions.

International Diving Centre has invested in and instituted new means of sterilizing all regulators, masks, and snorkels we supply in our rentals for both students and customers. We are also using this method for any regulators we are servicing currently. We are also constantly cleaning our masks in our retail store for clients needs to try them on for the purpose of proper fit, and any mask being sold on our online store will receive the same process to ensure the client has a product they can use confidently out of the box.

We continue to discuss and share information amongst our staff and clientele on how to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. We are a small group of employees and want to make sure we are healthy and safe to deal with the general public.

In addition to our daily cleaning efforts, we’re increasing the amount of time that is spent cleaning and sanitizing our classroom and common spaces, as well as lowering the number of students in our classes to ensure the recommended social distance. The majority of our students required theory learning and sessions consist of online eLearning which will minimize the time needed to be spent in classroom sessions with one another.

Shipping of goods ordered online or through our store, we will ensure the items are cleaned and bagged to ensure they will arrive to you ready to use with confidence. During the month of March we are lowering the minimum order from $300 to $100 to receive FREE shipping.

We continue to offer more ways for you to get the products you need most, whether that is through online purchases, pick-ups, or in-store.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and provide you with the quality of customer service our staff pride ourselves in.

Thank you,

Royse Jackson

President – IDC Diving Centre Ltd.