New Shearwater Perdix 2 and Petrel 3

Shearwater announced June 1st 2022 updates of two iconic flagship Shearwater® dive computers, the PERDIX 2™ & PETREL 3™.

PERDIX 2 boasts Shearwaters toughest and most reliable full size computer ever. With an armoured casing with precision titanium surround bezel protects performance-enhanced electronics. Titanium piezo touch buttons with user adjustable sensitivity make controls simple and effortless. An aluminosilicate toughened glass lens offers improved clarity and damage resistance while guarding the fantastic & bright colour 2.2” LCD screen. The customizable vibration alert system draws attention at the most important moments of the dive. Air integration with up to four Shearwater transmitters allows room to grow from a premium first dive computer to a powerful, proven advanced wireless technical solution. All this is delivered using the trusted and easy to find user-changeable single AA battery and familiar ergonomic compact form factor. PERDIX 2 is available in Ti and Ti Black colour finishes. Pre Order Today and shipping June 13 2022.


PETREL 3 is ideal for the rebreather diver and offer them a connected experience. An all-new, stunning, easy-to-read, full colour 2.6” AMOLED display offers unparallelled brightness, high contrast and colour saturation. The toughened aluminosilicate glass lens provides greater clarity, scratch and impact resistance. An armoured titanium bezel and titanium piezo buttons with adjustable sensitivity defend in the harshest environments. Air integration is now standard for all Petrel 3 models with up to four Shearwater transmitters; this supports from single tank open circuit diving to rebreather and bailout gas pressure calculations. A best in class customisable, strong vibration alert system increases diver safety. CCR divers will appreciate the continuous vibration on low/high external PPO2 (with pause feature), PO2 calibration history and new firmware display options allow more information than ever at a glance on the home screen. This is delivered with a user-changeable single AA battery that offers long dive times and straightforward replacement in the field with an enhanced dual o-ring battery cap system.  PETREL 3 is available in standalone or rebreather monitoring models, including DiveCAN, 4-pin AK, and Fischer port connections.Pre Order Today and shipping June 13 2022.