New Wave of Dive Computers

Dive computers have become a mandatory part of diving equipment, and divers are active people who usually are into multi-sport actives and the dive industry is seeing this need and creating some new exciting products to ensure your safety and enjoyment of our sport.

Also the diving community has a vast diverse demographic of divers that are needing dive computers to be more clear and easier to read. Divers are also wanting a computer to be as simple as their mobile devices and sync to their computers. This allowing them to share their dives on social media and log their dives more accurately. International Diving Centre sells three manufactures that offer the newest technology in dive computers that allow you to wear while diving as well as a wrist watch for other activities.


GARMIN Descent MK1 is Garmin’s first attempt into the dive computer watch market and they have come in with a really strong product that not just offers a colour display dive computer, but also offers great features like GPS and maps for other activities like cycling, swimming and golf. The Decent MK1 defiantly is more than a dive computer, this model is based on the popular Fenix 5 Plus Multi-sport wrist watch. Garmin offers several apps you can download on either IOS or android. Descents advanced features are:

  • Premium full-featured dive computer with surface GPS in a sleek watch-style design; with bright 1.2” colour display and TOPO mapping
  • Built-in sensors include 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter as well as GPS and GLONASS capability that lets you mark your dive entry and exit points¹ for surface navigation
  • Choose modes for single and multiple gas dives (including nitrox and trimix), gauge, apnea and closed circuit rebreather (CCR); plan your dives directly on the device
  • Dive log lets you store and review data from up to 200 dives — and share online via Garmin Connect™ and its included mobile app
  • Features Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology² with multi-sport activity profiles, performance metrics and smart notifications³
  • Battery life: up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS mode
  • Descent MK1 is also available in Titanium bezel and strap.

What is lacking on this computer is air integration which allows you to monitor your air on your wrist. However this is a great choice for someone wanting to do more with a dive computer than diving.

Suunto D5 is Suunto’s newest colour computer based on their hugely popular D4i Novo series dive computer, but with a huge upgrade with it’s colour LED screen, rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity. Suunto has been making dive computers and computer wrist watches for over 30 years and have a strong reputation as being incredibly reliable and accurate dive instruments. Their dive tables offer some of the safest models on the market, with the computer offering deep stop to assist the diver to make their dive the safest ascent to the surface. The Suunto D5 also works with the Tank POD air integration transmitter.

Suunto D5 has some strong features:

  • Easy Diving (Follow your dive details on the super clear, high contrast colour screen. Choose from 4 dive modes and browse the simple yet intuitive menu with three buttons to easily switch between views and settings.)
  • Share With Friends (Transfer your dive logs easily over Bluetooth to your mobile after diving. In Suuntos app you can re-live your dives, add photos and share your underwater adventures with friends.)
  • Match With Your Style (Change the strap easily with the clever quick release system to fit your style. Choose a colour that matches your diving gear or pick your favourite colour silicone strap or leather to complete your casual style.
  • Wireless Connectivity (Follow your gas pressure conveniently straight from your wrist. Get tank pressure on your display wirelessly by pairing your D5 with the Suunto Tank POD before diving.)

Suunto D5 you can also change the straps easily and Suunto has about 12 different models of straps coming.

Shearwater Teric computer came out last May and caught us by total surprise with a waiting list for this product and demand that we have never experienced. Shearwater is a world’s leader in Colour LED display computers with the popular Perdix and Perdix AI. They took all the great feature these two computers and make it into a wrist watch version with AMOLED display as compared to LED the colours pop more and the blacks are not lit. This gives you a stronger display and uses less power. Shearwater offers great customer support and the units are made in Canada and the quality is the best we have seen. It coms with a slightly higher price tag than the other two models, however the AMOLED display does make a big difference. Shearwater has also developed a strong app which the computer can easily connect to and download updates needed or your dives to a log. The Shearwater Teric offers some great features like.

  • Air Integrated
  • Number of Transmitters (Optional) Up to 2
  • 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Switchable audible & vibration alerts
  • OC REC 3 gas nitrox recreational computer

The Shearwater as all of these computers offer a free-diving mode, gauge mode and nitrox. The Teric is also a full open circuit multi gas, trimix decompression computer and offers air integration.