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    Strathcona Rd Grey Rocks Island dive site offers an easy access fun dive for all skill levels. Dive in the sandy bottom shallows between the shore and Grey Rocks Island to see hoards of crabs, sea cucumbers, flounders, sculpins and nudibranchs.

    There is a small park at the entrance to the beach with parking and gearing up from your vehicle. Some picnic tables and park benches are also available.

    There is about 6 parking spots available at the small park. Consider car-pooling to ensure enough parking for all. Keep the beach clean and be respectful of the residents.

    There are usually lots of crabs and with a goodie bag and a BC Fishing Licence you are allowed 4 crabs per day.

    Grey Rocks
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    Join us for a fun dive after your day of work. We will be meeting at Whyte Cliff at 8:00 pm for a evening dive. All rental equipment is 25% off and you get one tank included in the $20.00 fee. After the dive any rentals we will take from the dive site back to the shop and all you need to do is go home from the site.

    Whyte Cliff Park
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    Another popular marine protected park that local divers frequent in great numbers is Porteau Cove. Like Whytecliff Park, Porteau Cove boasts several sites within a site; this large cove has plenty of variety to offer divers for repeat visits.

    The most commonly visited sites here are the 3 yellow mooring buoys in the middle of the marine protected bay. You can enter the water at the stairs (at high tide) and swim along the sandy bottom after taking a compass heading to them if your air consumption is good and watch for crabs, tunicates, sea pens and occasionally a dogfish along the way. Alternatively, you can swim along the surface to the buoys and descend down the chains to the Granthall, a sunken barge; the Centennial, a sailboat hull; or the Leaning Tower of Porteau, several concrete pillars piled together as a home for octos, lingcod and other creatures. These dives range from about 35’- 55’ (11-17 metres) and are therefore excellent options for Open Water certified divers. Be sure to check out the jungle gym between the Granthall and Centennial – this is a convenient place to practice your buoyancy skills.

    The Nakaya is another potential dive at Porteau. This old minesweeper is in approximately 70’-100’ of water ( 21-30m) and is therefore an advanced dive. It is also a very lengthy surface swim. This crumbling wreck is marked by the furthest white buoy at Porteau and shouldn’t be attempted on large tidal exchanges due to strong currents hindering an already long swim. The wreck itself is decaying rapidly at this point with portions collapsing. This makes it an interesting site to dive, but under no circumstances should one try to enter any portion of this wreck as it is highly unstable. If you venture out this far, be sure to look for rather large lingcod, longhorn decorator crabs and the variety of nudibranchs that all make the Nakaya their home.

    Porteau Cove is easy to find along Hwy 99.

    Meet at Porteau Cove at 9:00 am, transportation is available for a small fee and limited space.

    Porteau Cove
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    Thank you this trip is full!, we will be posting another one shortly.

    Come join one of our highly trained staff instructors for the day to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and 2 dives at Tuwanek Dive Site.

    Tuwanek dive site offers two dives at the same location. With Octopus and Wolf Eels. This is an all day excursion where we will be departing from the shop and take the Ferry to Langdale and drive up to Sechelt to Tuwanek located in Porpoise Bay.

    We will be meeting and departing from International Diving Centre at 6 am and carpool in the van together, space is limited to 7 divers and it will be a great way to meet new divers and future buddies. We will return the same day at around 6:00 pm

    Transportation is included and all ferry fees, you also get a dive tank rental included. Rentals as always are 25% off on our scheduled fun dives.

International Diving Centre offers a whole host of diving activities, events and courses in order to keep divers diving and enjoying this exciting and rewarding activity in BC. You need to be trained well and feel confident in order to explore the underwater world. If you are not yet a diver IDC will make it our mission to make you see why this sport lives up to all your expectations with a PADI Open Water course. If you are already certified we welcome you to join our regularly scheduled fun dives and/or multi-day dive trips or get out on a local boat dive.

Local fun dives include the rental or fill of one tank and 25% off all the rest of your rental gear.