Why Do I Need to Take a Course to Dive in a Drysuit?

Feeling the chill of our temperate waters (or similar conditions around the world) many certified divers want to trade up from a wetsuit and dive in a drysuit. However, some are surprised to learn that it is not as easy as walking into their local dive shop and renting one to try out on their own. … Continued

3 tips for getting back into diving

Life happens and sometimes that can mean months or years away from the water. After a dry spell, jumping back in to scuba diving can be intimidating.

Prescription scuba and snorkeling mask purchasing tips

A common question or concern for new divers or snorkelers purchasing a new mask has to do with vision correction. There are a variety of options available for those that need some assistance in this area and it is a good idea to consider them before committing to a mask.

5 tips to keep you diving after your open water scuba certification

After completing your open water certification new divers are unsure what to do next. Many people get their basic scuba certification on a whim or for a specific trip or purpose but wind up falling in love with the sport and the underwater world during their Open Water course. Here are 5 tips on what to do after your Open Water scuba certification.

Do scuba certifications expire? Generally no, but know your specifics

The majority of diving certification agencies issue certifications for life but knowing how your specific scuba certification expires varies largely according to the certifying agency for your course. Most of the large recreational agencies do not have any specific expiration guidelines, instead issuing certifications for “life” provided that divers keep diving.

Scuba dive travel insurance, top 3 things to remember

Many people opt to take a course to learn to dive because they have a vacation to a warm water destination planned and want to get certified to dive before travelling. This is a great idea, but regardless of whether you are a newly certified diver or very experienced, it is not uncommon to overlook the importance of scuba dive travel insurance.

How to choose a drysuit, essential dive gear for cold water

There are a number of considerations to take into account when looking for a drysuit. When divers begin thinking about purchasing their own gear they are confronted with a plethora of choice when it comes to this particular piece of exposure protection. At IDC we are more than happy to consult one on one with divers that have questions about what gear is most suitable for their diving needs, but I would like to hopefully clarify some of the different options available and their associated pros and cons.

The Importance of Mastering Basic Skills for all Scuba Divers

Many divers assume that once they have passed the PADI Open Water course they have accumulated all the knowledge and skill that they need to dive and that those skills they practiced in the pool and demonstrated once or twice in the ocean under the watchful eye of their instructor are best left in the course. However, the Open Water course is really a license to learn.

Feeding the wolf eels back stage at the Vancouver Aquarium

During the Divers’ Weekend at the Vancouver Aquarium we received a private tour of the hatchery to see how the Vancouver Aquarium is able to raise Wolf Eels. Wolf Eels are not actually an eel, but a blenny, a species of fish. The local Wolf Eel population has been depleted because of commercial harvesting. However … Continued

Drysuit diving in Vancouver with our Advanced Open Water Course

Most certified divers that are looking to continue their training and are looking to do a little drysuit diving in Vancouver opt to take the PADI Advanced Open Water course. This course consists of 5 Adventure Dives that introduce new skills and knowledge to divers. While there are some mandatory Adventure Dives in the course, there … Continued

DIR Ascents Proper Techniques Video

Demonstration for Horizontal Ascents for Scuba diving with a backplate and wing. Both divers are using Halcyon Eclipse 40 lbs wing. They have the trim weight pockets and Turtle fins to assist with their trim.

PADI scuba certification flow chart, a visual guide to courses

Understanding the PADI Course Flow Chart Having a goal in life is always a good idea and diving is no exception to the rule. PADI or (Professional Diving Association of Diving Instructors) offers several courses to develop your skills and allow you to become a competent and experienced diver. This may take you down the … Continued

Learn to scuba dive in Vancouver! Top 5 reasons why you should

When I signed up for my Open Water course almost a decade ago, I did so simply because I wanted to get certified for future trips abroad. I didn’t want to wind up somewhere and miss out on the opportunity to dive because I had never gotten around to it or to spend any precious vacation time doing homework. A couple colleagues had been certified in Vancouver and a friend was becoming an instructor here after taking his initial training in Thailand and Japan. So, I thought that I might as well give it a shot.