Converting your iphone into an Underwater Camera

Over the years we have seen products that allow you to protect your mobile device, SeaLife a company which has made underwater photography fun and easy for many years, has introduced a new underwater housing for Apple’s iPhone. The SeaLife SportDiver will allow divers to take photos and video with their iPhone to 130 feet and can support iPhone 7 through the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, the SportDiver offers nearly neutral buoyancy in water depending on which iPhone model is used.

 With it many safety features like Dual leak alarms continuously monitor waterproof seal. You can use your iPhone with confidence and take amazing photos above and below the surface. The SeaLife SportDiver is also very adaptable to the underwater realm with its included red filter, this brings back the colours lost as we take the housing deeper under water by making the lens a bit more red the colours correct and your photos are more vibrant and less washed out look. You can also add artificial colour to your photos by easily adding a light source with the SportDiver Pro 2000 Set.

The Pro 2000 Set offers a Powerful 2000 lumen LED light using the latestCOB LED array technology, which allows you to control the brightness levels at the full 100% or half 50% and even a quarter 25% which is helpful on shooting underwater subjects that are wary of bright lights. This housing is worth giving a try as it will grow with your iPhone over the years as it works on a bluetooth technology to communicate to your iPhone thus there is no buttons or cords needed to line up to operate. The SeaLife SportDiver is a great way to start and continue your underwater adventure allowing you to record these memories in an economic and simple to operate way. Here is a great review from SeaLife.

If you have any questions regarding this housing or underwater photography please give us a call or chat we are happy to help you enjoy this fast growing passion to record the under water realm.