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Scuba dive shops in Vancouver, quick reference list

Directory listing of scuba dive shops in Vancouver

If you are interested in learning to scuba dive we have put together a list of all the scuba dive shops in Vancouver that we feel will help with your process of finding the right dive shop for your particular needs. This list is intended to highlight the availability of dive shops found in Vancouver in the hopes to encourage more people to adopt the sport of Scuba.

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Backplate & wing BCDs are not only for the technical diver

Halcyon BCD with Logo

Many notice when they walk through our door at IDC that along with the common jacket-style and back-inflate buoyancy compensators we also have several backplate and wings on display and in our rentals. Should you dive with us, you’ll also notice that the majority of our staff and most active divers opt for this system. Talk to those that dive with one and you’ll likely uncover a deep appreciation for this piece of dive equipment.

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