Cold water diving is hot

 This comes as little surprise to avid scuba and freedivers across Canada, much of Europe, parts of the USA and around the world that have been diving in cold water for years, but many don’t realize how great it is. But all that is starting to change. Sure, it is nice to throw on a … Continued

Diving BC’s Browning Pass in Spring, an Easter trip experience

There are no words I can write here to do justice to the vibrant, healthy marine habitat that is found just northeast of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. The diving in the south of Queen Charlotte Straight, in between Nigei and Balaclava Islands is second to none. Delicate pink soft corals drape underwater cliffs, including … Continued

Quadra Island Dive Travel Report

Every winter we run a trip to Quadra Island, one of the Discovery Islands just off Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Discovery Passage runs between Campbell River and this Island group and features some extreme tidal currents every day of the year. This makes it challenging to dive, but promotes significant growth for the local marine species in these nutrient rich waters

Browning Pass: Why BC diving is some of the best in the world

The diving in and around the Port Hardy region of Vancouver Island is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I had heard about it for years before I finally made it a priority. My only regret is that I didn’t get there sooner. Many are shocked to learn that British Columbia has some of the world’s best … Continued

The kelp is always greener: Why Whytecliff Park tops my list of Vancouver dive sites

I have noticed that many local divers have a beef with Whytecliff Park. The exact reason varies, but in general, people claim that it is “boring” as far as dive sites go. I think dismissing this dive site as “boring” is taking for granted something we are extremely lucky to have. Whytecliff park tops my list of dive spots in BC. It provides pretty interesting dives and can serve up a diversity of marine life representative of BC. Here’s my perspective on why this site keeps me coming back

Drysuit diving in Vancouver with our Advanced Open Water Course

Most certified divers that are looking to continue their training and are looking to do a little drysuit diving in Vancouver opt to take the PADI Advanced Open Water course. This course consists of 5 Adventure Dives that introduce new skills and knowledge to divers. While there are some mandatory Adventure Dives in the course, there … Continued

HMCS Annapolis Extraction Volunteers Needed

After 3 years of struggle the ARSBC has been officially advised that the former HMCS Annapolis has been accepted as a gift to the province parks branch. With this confirmation, the Annapolis now has a new mission to become a long term stable marine habitat in Halkett Bay Provincial Marine Park, Gambier Island and will … Continued