HMCS Annapolis Extraction Volunteers Needed

After 3 years of struggle the ARSBC has been officially advised that the former HMCS Annapolis has been accepted as a gift to the province parks branch. With this confirmation, the Annapolis now has a new mission to become a long term stable marine habitat in Halkett Bay Provincial Marine Park, Gambier Island and will provide the Bay with an opportunity for habitat restoration and needed bio-diversity.

Will still need volunteers on weekends and mid week to put the final touches on recycling and environmental readiness.

You don’t need to be a diver help prepare the HMCS Annapolis Destroyer!

Become a part of BC history, and do your part to help restore the life in the waters of Howe Sound, as well as creating a new tourist and recreational attraction!

  • If you wish to volunteer, items you will need to bring:
  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty & to keep warm
  • Possibly bring rain gear – if necessary
  • Safety-toe or heavy durable boots
  • Flashlights and/or headlamps
  • Safety glasses are a must
  • Gloves are a must
  • Simple tools are useful; heavier tools are provided.
  • Camera
  • bring snacks & extra water

General Questions and Answers.

When will the HMCS Annapolis be sunk?

No date for sinking the HMCS Annapolis has been set, yet. The ARSBC will be providing updates leading to an official date to announce the sinking and we’ll post this information as we receive it.

Is the Province Parks Branch going to give the wreck protected status?

Protected status has been discussed with various persons both provincially and federally. The short answer is we (ARSBC) want to do this for all ARSBC sites however there are bureaucratic considerations. It is something we will pursue but it may not be a top priority at this time.

Are there any conditions to volunteering?

The HMCS Annapolis is not a risk free work environment; therefore, ARSBC will required you to sign a liability waiver. This only needs to be done once (before the first time you volunteer for this project). If you don’t, they unfortunately can’t let you work!

Is it a dangerous work environment?

Volunteers will not be working with any hazardous materials. Much of the work is dismantling equipment; lifting and staging scrap metal or garbage; removing doors, mirrors, walls, furniture, or wire racks; and, cleaning and sweeping. Some work will require the use of ladders.

Will there be any safety gear already provided?

The ARSBC will provide this additional safety gear:

  • first aid kit
  • eye wash
  • hand cleaner and dust masks
  • water for washing
  • disposable suits for fibre glass removal
  • hard-hats
  • life jackets
  • portable washroom facility will be on-board

Learn more about the HMCS Annapolis volunteer project at the ARSBC’s official HMCS Volunteer webpage.