PADI medical form information needed before filling it out

Having a current, up to date PADI Medical Form is a requirement for all in-water training for PADI courses even if you are a healthy individual and/or already a certified scuba diver. The facility through which you are completing your training must retain a copy of this form.

What does this mean?

“Current” in this instance means within the last 12 months. If you did a course two years ago, that Medical Form is no longer valid and you will have to submit another. “Up-to-date” means inclusive of any changes in your health, so if you have a Medical Form from 8 months ago, but have had changes in your health, you will need to fill out a new form. “In-water training” includes pool/confined water training sessions as well as ocean dives.

Answering with an honest “No”, your good to go

If you are fortunate enough to be able to answer an honest “No” to each and every question on the PADI Medical Form than all your instructors and dive store need is this form itself, signed and dated.

Forms completed for students whom are still minors (under the age of 18) must be signed and dated by a parent or guardian as well as the participant.

Answering with a “YES” will require a Dr’s signature

If a diver answers “Yes” to ANY of the questions on the PADI Medical Form than the second page must be completed with a physician’s signature and approval for diving prior to any in-water training. Once again, there are no exceptions to this rule. Very simply put, this is for your own health and safety. Several aspects of diving (including water pressure, compressed breathing gas and heavy equipment) have fairly unique effects on our physiology even at shallow depths and each question on the form is included for a reason. Much of the time, a “Yes” answer does not prevent one from diving; there may be no special considerations necessary or a doctor may suggest special restrictions or to wait a period of time before getting in the water. So please answer honestly and don’t fret over needing to seek the approval of a physician. Many family doctors and walk-in clinics will perform an evaluation for the medical form for no fee or a minimal charge.

Spend time to read the form thoroughly

Please read over the form thoroughly as well in advance of the course as possible. There are some questions that are particularly relevant to diving and many people do not expect them and while they consider themselves healthy individuals in general, they have an unexpected “Yes”. Please give yourself ample time to see a doctor if necessary.

Also, please note that PADI requires a complete “yes” or “no” answer to EVERY question. A “Y” or “N”, check mark, x or any other form of answer will not be accepted.

When filling the form out for our Vancouver dive shop, your instructor may vary from course to course, but the facility name is IDC Diving Centre Ltd and the location is Vancouver.

Where to download the PADI Medical form?

You can download the PADI medical form on our website. Please go here to download the PADI medical form in pdf format. If you have any further questions regarding the Medical Form please do not hesitate to contact us at IDC. We are happy to help.