Download PADI medical form

When participating in any Scuba course with International Diving Centre, PADI requires our students to complete the PADI Medical Form and Statement. This is a very simple procedure where you will print out the form and bring in to us. The form is a YES or NO questionnaire which needs to be completed prior to entering the Pool or Ocean.

– PADI Medical Form and Statement

Things to know when filling out the form

  1. If you answered NO to all questions you will not need to have a physician sign the form or examination.
  2. If you answer YES to any of the questions please call us and we can direct you to what you need to do next. You will not be able to attend any pool or ocean session with out a Physician’s confirmed signed off on PADI medical form approval.

If you are NO to all the questions.

Simple fill out the complete form with NO on all the questions and you can either email us to or bring it in on the day of the course.

If you have a YES to any of the questions.

You will need to print the entire form out along with the guidelines and see a physician to see if you are eligible to partake IDC diving courses or activity you wish to partake. We are unable to teach any student in the Pool or Ocean without a completed PADI Medical Form and Statement.

Alternative languages

At this time International Diving Centre only offers the PADI medical from in English.

How to open the PDF

The medical form is downloaded as a PDF. A PDF requires you to use the FREE Adobe PDF reader. You can download the reader from