What’s New with the Suunto Zoop Novo?

The Suunto Zoop (and before it, the Suunto Gekko) has long been a favourite entry level dive computer. The reliable, affordable Zoop has always been a great option for recreational divers, especially those just getting into the sport, as it has fulfilled most functions a recreational diver will need on a dive without breaking the bank or being overly complicated. The battery is inexpensive and easy to change and lasts for ages.

But now the Zoop has been phased out and Suunto has brought in the Zoop Novo. Sometimes new additions to the Suunto line only have minor differences from their predecessors with similar model names.

However, the Suunto Zoop Novo offers more than just vibrant new colour options. It keeps the Zoop’s ease of use and easy-to-read display. However, Suunto has added a 4th button (like that which has long existed on their higher end models) to make navigation both above and below the surface easier and more intuitive.

The two most significant changes, in my opinion, are the addition of both a backlight and gauge mode. These have been the two factors that often make divers opt for a higher end computer over the Zoop. The backlight is very useful for both night dives and low visibility. It makes the screen much easier to read when illuminated than the old luminescent display. Gauge mode is often used by those in technical diving that like to do their own calculations and adjustments. This means that the Zoop Novo can follow you if you make the transition from recreational to technical diving. It also has Freediving mode. This little device can pretty much do it all now. And do so with the same reliable platform and algorithms that Suunto has always been known for.