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August 14, 2024 August 22, 2024 Register - $449.95
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  • $799.95 Semi-Private
  • $899.95 Private


  • One Evening Pool (Drysuit Orientation), One Weekend and Thursday Evening Ocean Course Length
  • varies Start Time
  • 12+ Age Requirement
  • Moderate Course Difficulty
  • Classroom, Pool, Ocean Water time

Course overview

Have you gotten a taste of scuba diving with your PADI open water diver certification (or equivalent) and now you want to explore more? The PADI advanced open water course taught at International Diving Centre in Vancouver will take you through 5 adventure dives to introduce new skills and knowledge to you to increase your ability to explore the underwater world.

This course will add to your existing skills and increase your confidence in the water. It is after taking the Advanced Open Water course that many become truly hooked on diving. The shift from recreation to passion often happens here as more of the ocean becomes available and as overall comfort and safety improves.

Many divers find the Advanced Open Water course very advantageous to have prior to going on a dive trip locally or abroad. Not only will you increase your own comfort and ability, but this certification is recognized globally and will enable you to access different dive sites than you may be able to explore with just an Open Water card. You will be certified to dive deeper (30m/100ft) and do night dives. Divers with an Advanced Open Water certification will also be recognized as more experienced with buoyancy, navigation and communication skills and are able to visit more sensitive marine environments. Also, certain continuing education scuba courses such as the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty, Cavern Diver Specialty and PADI Rescue Diver require a minimum of an Advanced Open Water certification.

We Supply

  • Adventures in Diving E-Learning Pass ($209.95 Value Included)
  • Drysuit , hood and boots
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) Regulator
  • Tanks and all air fills
  • PADI certification fees


You Supply

  • Mask, snorkel, fins and gloves
  • Lights primary and a back-up
  • Compass
  • Dive Slate
  • Dive knife or cutting device
  • Bottom Timer (waterproof watch or dive computer)


Course Curriculum

Knowledge Development

The PADI Adventures in Diving manual contains a wealth of information on various Adventure Dives, but you will only be required to read 5 or 6 chapters for your course. These will be assigned when you register and pick up your materials. Knowledge Reviews for these chapters must be completed prior to your ocean dives.

The course also includes a ‘Quick Review’ to assess diver knowledge and retention from the information introduced in the Open Water Course. An instructor will address any apparent gaps in knowledge.

The Advanced Open Water Course with Drysuit will include a classroom knowledge development session on drysuit use and care.

Pool Training/Confined Water Practice

  • 7:00pm – Advanced classes meet at International Diving Centre for Quick Review & classroom drysuit orientation, if Drysuit orientation is required.
  • 9:10pm – On deck at the pool for equipment overview and briefing. Please be changed and ready to go at 9:30pm.
  • 9:30pm-10:30pm – In water for pool training. Pool orientations for Advanced and Drysuit courses. Please allow time to rinse & pack gear and change after your pool session (out of facility at 10:45pm).

The Advanced Open Water course with drysuit includes one pool session to acquaint divers with the buoyancy characteristics of drysuits, control, positioning (trim), swimming (propulsion) and ascent techniques that can differ with this piece of exposure protection.

Ocean Dives

  • 8:00am Whytecliff Park – Saturday & 9:00 am Sunday – Morning start time on second weekend subject to change depending on time of year and dives selected. Please confirm with store and/or instructor for exact times.

5 dives are included in the PADI Advanced Open Water Course. Typically 2 dives are performed the on Saturday (3 dives on Saturday during July & August) and 2 dives on the Sunday. A night dive is done to complete the course on the following Thursday evening (evening night dives are dependent on sunset on the night). The dives normally consist of drysuit, peak performance buoyancy, dSMB in July & August (or if diver has a drysuit specialty), deep, navigation and night adventure dives, but these may vary slightly from course to course depending upon diver needs, conditions and other contributing factors. Deep and Navigation dives are; however, mandatory components of the PADI Advanced Open Water course and must be completed to earn the certification.

Learning Outcome

What will the PADI Advanced Open Water certify me to do?

The Advanced Certification will permit you to dive to depths of up too 100 feet/30 metres instead of the 60 feet/18 metres permitted by the Open Water course. It also introduces you to night diving and will increase your navigation and buoyancy skills. If you have not had any previous experience in a drysuit, most students opt to learn to use one as part of their Advanced course. Alternatively, the course can help refine existing skills in a drysuit.

Prerequisites/Course Requirements

Am I a candidate for the Advanced course? Am I ready?

Yes! Well, probably. The only prerequisites for the Advanced Open Water course are a clean bill of health according to the PADI medical statement and a PADI Open Water certification (or equivalent).

Minimum age:

  • 12 years for a Junior Advanced Open Water Certification
  • 15 years for Advanced Open Water Certification

We do evaluate each youth individually upon inquiry/registration for ability to participate in an adult oriented learning environment and the physical demands of cold water diving. Some 12 year olds are prepared for these challenges whereas some 16 year olds may not be yet. This is strictly for safety purposes and we do believe that scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually all ages if approached responsibly.

Course Extras

The Dives

What is An Adventure Dive?

The Adventure Dives in the Advanced Course are a few of many such Adventure Dives available through PADI. Each Adventure Dive introduces new skills, techniques, knowledge and, often, equipment involved in different aspects of diving. The night dive, for instance, teaches divers to use lights properly and how to effectively communicate in the dark. These dives are essentially samples of different types of diving and introduce basic techniques and knowledge to account for different environments, equipment, etc. Aside from the Advanced course, Adventure Dives also compose PADI Specialty Courses.