Open Water Referral Course

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Start Date End Date Event Curriculum Cost Purchase
November 26, 2016December 04, 2016Please call for details$379.95
Refer a friend to the course and receive a $25 gift certificate redeemable in store.

Course Overview

Many of our students want to get their academic and pool training here at our facility, but would like to finish their Open Water training dives in another PADI facility in warmer waters.

You can do this through our Open Water Referral Course during which you partake in the Classroom and Pool Sessions that are a standard part of the Open Water course. You can also upgrade to the full Open Water Program during the course should you decide that you wish to complete your scuba training in Vancouver. Often people find that they are more comfortable completing the certification with us after they have started to course so we remain flexible to give you this option as you progress. If you do decide to finish your course elsewhere, we provide you with official documentation that any PADI Instructor and/or facility around the world will recognize and be able to continue on with your certification.

Complete your Open Water Referral program in Vancouver in one weekend with IDC!

Student Discounts Available

Note that once you are enrolled in the PADI Open Water Referral course with IDC you will receive our Student Discount: 10-15% off regular priced merchandise. Discounted or sale items, fair market price items (prices set by manufacturers), books, camera equipment and services (rentals, equipment service, courses, trips, etc) are excluded. Your student discount on dive gear is honoured for life. This is a great way to save money on personal diving and snorkeling gear, like a mask, snorkel and fins before you go on vacation.

Course Curriculum

First Session Orientation

Your first session and first pool dive start at 6:30 PM at International Diving Centre. Please bring your completed course materials, pen, swimsuit and towel. You will also need to have read the first 3 chapters of your manual prior to starting, and you must complete all 3 knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter prior to the first night of your training. In addition, we ask that students view the PADI Open Water DVD prior to the course as well.

Self Study Knowledge Development

To begin your Open Water course you will be required to pick up your course materials and start your self-study prior to the beginning of the class. On night one of the course you will be required to have completed chapters 1 through 3 in your textbook. At the end of each chapter there is a Knowledge Review. You are required to fill out the Knowledge Reviews in full and show them to your instructor during the course. We also ask that you view the PADI Open Water DVD. Please come prepared with your homework completed.

There will be some knowledge development and/or review each evening of the course. Most evenings will include knowledge reviews, some lecture and discussion and a quiz. We encourage questions and student contributions.

Pool Training, Indoors & Heated.

Pool dives are for skill introduction and development; they also serve students to gain familiarity and comfort with the equipment involved in scuba diving. We keep our student to instructor ratios low to ensure that all students are able to progress at a steady but comfortable rate with plenty of feedback and time to practice. Students will receive pool training, plus time on deck.

Questions about our Open Water Referral Course?

Please fill out the form below letting us know what your questions may be about this course or others. If you are interestd in this course but are looking for an alternative date let us know this as well.