Scuba gift cards sold online & shipped direct to a divers doorstep

Scuba Gift Card Redeem in Vancouver Scuba Store

When looking for a gift for a scuba diver you can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Why not consider grabbing a scuba gift card instead?

[add_to_cart_anchor item=”800″]$25 Scuba Gift Card[/add_to_cart_anchor]
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[add_to_cart_anchor item=”809″]$50 Scuba Gift Card[/add_to_cart_anchor]
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[add_to_cart_anchor item=”810″]$100 Scuba Gift Card[/add_to_cart_anchor]
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Why a scuba gift card?

To some a gift card may seem less personal but when it comes to dive equipment it’s hard to know just what to get, there are so many options. Each item of gear or accessory often has a personal preference attached to the choice being made. Many divers favor certain brands or have gear already and making am incorrect choice often puts many people off from buying scuba gear for friends all together. The main reason you won’t see gear under the Christmas tree or handed out at other holidays throughout the year is the price point. Scuba gear is expensive!

Grab a gift card instead allowing the diver to choose what they wish to spend it on.

  • Valid in-store any time of the year
  • The gift card can be mailed to address you specify in the shipping area
  • Easy gift that fits in their Christmas stocking
  • Can choose incremental amounts of $25, $50 and $100 for comfortable budget range

Interested in a scuba gift card?

If you are looking at purchasing a scuba gift card from International Diving Centre select from the above available values that we currently offer. Choose the amount that you feel will make that perfect gift, add it to the cart and then let us know the shipping address we should send it to.