Scuba dive shops in Vancouver, quick reference list

If you are interested in learning to scuba dive we have put together a list of all the scuba dive shops in Vancouver that we feel will help with your process of finding the right dive shop for your particular needs. This list is intended to highlight the availability of dive shops found in Vancouver in the hopes to encourage more people to adopt the sport of Scuba. All the dive shops listed below offer varying courses as well as knowledgeable staff to support them. Learning to scuba is a personal experience, it’s best to find the right dive shop that speaks to your needs.

Sometimes the right dive shop is the one that is closest to you

This list may help as a starting point to highlight differences (or similarities) of available dive shops and aid in your process of learning to scuba dive. If we have made any errors in the list or have outdated information we also encourage feedback on the comments area below.

Call 604-736-2541International Diving Centre

International Diving Centre offers a wide range of scuba gear, rentals, servicing and PADI scuba courses seven days a week. With a large staff that services both scuba courses and retail you will get a one-stop experience for both learning to scuba dive as well as information about the gear required for diving. International Diving Centre also offers online scuba courses for those who wish to complete the practical classroom training at home on their own time. International Diving Centre lives up to it’s name as the likely choice for those with alternative language since it has access to instructors to support such requirements. IDC also offers fun dives and various dive trips throughout the year that many in the community look forward to, book early since they will fill up.

Contact information: Located at 2572 Arbutus Street, International Diving Centre is approximately 5-10 minutes from the downtown core in the neighbourhood of Kitsilano. Call 604-736-2541 or visit for further information about this Vancouver dive shop.

Call 604-736-2681Diving Locker

The Diving Locker offers much of the same as International Diving Centre. The Diving Locker is open 7 days a week with knowledgeable staff that support classes as well as the retail side of the shop. The one unique course that the Diving Locker runs is their “Tropical Referral Scuba Course” which is designed to allow divers who wish to complete their class and pool sessions locally, but prefer to do their ocean dives in a warmer climate. The Diving Locker also offers a Kids Scuba Camp designed to introduce scuba diving to younger people (ages 10 to 16) and is something to consider if you are a parent looking for an activity to entertain your kids with yet teach them valuable skills in the water as well as introducing them to the sport of Scuba.

Contact information: Located at 2745 West 4th Ave. Call 604-736-2681 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

Call 604-990-3483Edge Diving Centre

The Edge Diving Centre caters to those on the North Shore. Offering a wide range of courses supported by a knowledgeable staff that can help both retail and course related questions. Located in North Vancouver the Edge Diving Centre is a PADI 5 Star dive shop that has serviced divers in that community for years. Like International Diving Centre it is well known in the Vancouver diving community for it’s dive trips and fun dives which are held all year round. If you are located in the North Vancouver area and wish to avoid heading in to the downtown core the Edge Diving Centre is an excellent shop to start with.

Contact information: Located at 973 Marine Drive North Vancouver. Call 604-990-3483 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

Call 604-514-8190Langley Diving

Langley Diving is a PADI® 5 star Instructional Dive Centre that services divers from Surrey to Hope. They sell, service and rent a full selection of diving and snorkelling gear and offer PADI courses all year round. Their staff are well trained and active in the community running fun dives throughout the year. The shop also promotes fun scuba vacations to Mexico hosted by Scuba Club Cozumel and other destination experiences.

Contact information: Located at 301 – 20055 Willowbrook Drive, Langley. Call 604-514-8190 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

Call 604-436-1157Ocean Quest Dive Centre

Ocean Quest has partnered with Capilano University to offer a unique blend of scuba diving certification programs and Capilano University Tourism Management courses. Ocean Quest offers much the same thing as the rest of the dive shops it’s partnership with Capilano University makes it a desirable choice for many enrolled there, on top of that the owners are very active divers and you are likely to see them out on many of the fun dives with you.

Contact information: Located at 107 – 3790 Canada Way Burnaby. Call 604-436-1157 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

Call 604-669-3483Rowand’s Reef Scuba Shop

Rowand’s Reef offers a full range of PADI scuba diving courses, equipment rentals, equipment servicing, and a full retail showroom. Much like the previous dive shops it has excellent and knowledgeable staff available 7 days a week. They don’t offer the full range of courses as some of the other dive shops but they do offer the most common ones. About once a month they offer Club Dives, similar to Fun Dives offered at other dive shops and encourage community support around the sport of Scuba.

Contact information: Located at 1512 Duranleau Street. Call 604-669-3483 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

Call 604-525-3483Dive & Sea Sports

Dive & Sea Sports caters to those in the New Westminster area. They offer similar services and knowledgeable staff for courses and scuba gear. The are closed on Sundays but open the remaining days of the week. They don’t offer the depth of courses some of the other dive shops offer but they do highlighted the availability of some of the courses in French, Deutsch & Italian

Contact information: Located at Unit 2 – 825 McBride Blvd New Westminster. Call 604-525-3483 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

Call 604-538-5608Ocean Pro Divers

Open 6 days week (closed Sundays) Ocean Pro Divers is an excellent shop for those in the Surrey area.

Contact information: Located at 3189 King George Blvd #2, Surrey. Call 604-538-5608 or visit for further information about this dive shop.

No contact number availableVancouver Scuba Diving School

The Vancouver Scuba DIving School is a diver training school that focuses exclusively on individuals and pairs and forgoes the larger group classes. It’s ideal for those that may be particular with their schedules and level of experience and may be shy with larger classes or require special attention with the learning abilities. Almost all the dive shops (such as International Diving Centre) will accommodate small or personal classes and cater to any specific needs but the Vancouver Scuba DIving School does cater to the small individually focused classes more than others. Vancouver Scuba DIving School does not offer gear or other related items found in other vancouver dive shops.

Contact information: Since the school is run by an individual there is no physical store location or contact information being listed. It’s best to fill out their contact form found on their website.

Did we leave a dive shop off the list? Let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll add it to the list.