PADI scuba certification flow chart, a visual guide to courses

Understanding the PADI Course Flow Chart

Having a goal in life is always a good idea and diving is no exception to the rule. PADI or (Professional Diving Association of Diving Instructors) offers several courses to develop your skills and allow you to become a competent and experienced diver. This may take you down the road of professional development in diving so that you can teach and share with others your love with the aquatic realm.

Stage One of the PADI Flow Chart

The obvious first step is to take the the plunge and there are two choices on how to get started. You can take the Discover Scuba diving course designed to give you one night of breathing from a SCUBA unit and experience what it is like to breathe underwater. If you have tried this or feel confident in becoming a certified scuba diver, then the Open Water course will start you off. This will certify you as a diver to dive anywhere in the world, up to 60 feet and in daylight hours with another certified diver.

After completing the Open Water Course

Being a certified Open Water diver gives you several choices on the direction you wish to take to continue diving. Most divers will take the Advanced Open Water Course which gives you additional experience by offering 5 different dives which can also count towards the Specialty Course associated with each of these dives. From the Advanced Open Water you can spend time honing your experience in Specialty Dive Training like Underwater Digital Photography or you can continue your training with the Rescue Diver Course. After completing the Rescue course and completing 40 dives you are eligible¬†to enroll in becoming a PADI professional with the Divemaster Course. Once you have over 100 dives under your belt you may wish to offer your experience to others and teach new divers and share why you love the sport. You can do this by becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor. Whatever your goals are PADI has developed a system which allows you to become a very competent diver and with International Diving Centre’s instructional staff we will teach these courses to the highest standards.