Light & Motion GoBe will be announced at DEMA in November

Light & Motion Gobe

Light & Motion will be introducing a new light called the GoBe which will be announced at DEMA in November. GoBe combines the design features of Light & Motion’s popular Sola scuba dive lights with the size and convenience of the company’s commuter bike lights.

The GoBe is a versatile and powerful platform system designed to provide the perfect light for all of your outdoor activities in any environment. The light is submersible up to 120 meters and each of the interchangeable light heads offer a different color tone or beam pattern for optimum lighting in a wide range of conditions. Depending on the setting, run times are claimed to be up to 54 hours! The system is both air or water cooled, depending on it’s environment, and is capable or producing up to 700 lumins.

GoBe Feature Highlights

  • The GoBe Platform is compatible with 6 different light heads and a wide range of accessories.
  • Compact design is travel ready and weighs only 160 gr.
  • USB rechargeable li-ion battery with an accurate battery status indicator, 5 power modes, and run-times up to 54 hrs.
  • Specifications tested and certified to the Fl-1 Standard.