Grab your scuba gear online in GTA5 and knife fight a great white

Have you ever wanted to knife fight a Great White shark? Well grab your scuba gear in GTA5, dive out in the bay and give it your best shot. Getting the obvious out of the way, IDC doesn’t condone the abuse or attempt of such a thing in real life. This is just a light hearted fan video showcasing one of many reasons why GTA5 is great with a divers perspective on the likely scuba gear Michael De Santa (GTA5 protagonists) was using in game.

Lets start off with the dive knife

If we had to guess what knife Michael is sporting we would go with the Under Water Kinetic Blue Tank Drop Point mainly because it’s titanium and will likely be your best chance. Looks about the right size as well.

The regulator and tank

Regular and tank wise, you can make due with just about any standard gear. You could even just use a spare air tank and save yourself the trouble of lugging around any more gear.

What wetsuit? This is GTA5

In the game it doesn’t look like Michael is wearing anything other than jeans and a jacket, pretty much streetwear. This is not recommended at all and would in fact make you near immobile due to the weight and waterlogging street clothing has on you. Knowing the rest of the gear we think a BARE 7mm sport full wetsuit would have made a little more sense.

What would be your gear? Let us know by leaving a comment below.