Get a Free Transmitter with Purchase of Air Integrated Suunto Computer


Suunto, one of the most popular and reliable dive computer brands available is currently offering a FREE transmitter with purchase of one of their air integrated dive computers. This limited time offer has a value of almost $400!

What is Wireless Air Integration and Why Do I Want It as an Upgrade for a Dive Computer?

The option of having an Air Integrated dive computer allows a diver to have all the information they need to refer to during a dive in one location. A single device functions as a depth gauge, bottom timer, no decompression planner and SPG (submersible pressure gauge). Instead of having to check multiple dive instruments the diver only has to check the computer on their wrist. An Air Integrated Suunto dive computer will display the PSI or BAR remaining in a diver’s tank to the PSI, so it tends to be more accurate and readable than traditional analog SPGs. It will also compute dive time remaining based on a diver’s average air consumption.

How Does Wireless Air Integration Work?

Wireless Air Integration means that the diver can wear this computer on their wrist, rather than on a bulky and sometimes difficult to locate console. This can replace the SPG and console completely or work in addition to it, if a diver has a regulator first stage with two high pressure ports.

The Wireless Transmitter fits into the diver’s regulator first stage and runs off a battery that can be changed by any authorized Suunto Dealer. Battery life is approximately 2 years. The transmitter communicates the information from the tank to the Suunto Dive Computer on the diver’s wrist.

All computers and transmitters are covered by Suunto’s thorough Two Year Limited Warranty for display devices and 1 Year Limited Warranty for consumable parts. They also include a download kit to transfer your dive information to your home computer, laptop or tablet. Suunto offers a free download of it’s Dive Manager 4 software on its website.