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  • $279.95 Regular
  • $399.95 Semi-Private
  • $549.95 Private


  • 1-2 days Course Length
  • varies Start Time
  • 12+ Age Requirement
  • Advanced Course Difficulty
  • Self Study, Ocean Water time

Course overview

During your PADI Underwater Navigation program you will go on three open water dives, familiarizing yourself with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards and enjoyment of underwater navigation. You will learn:

  • Procedures and techniques for planning and organizing underwater navigation and associated problems and hazards
  • Methods of estimating distances underwater
  • Natural and compass navigation techniques
  • How to use underwater patterns
  • Dive site relocation techniques

We Supply

  • PADI Course materials & Certification
  • Rental package A

You Supply

  • Personal gear: mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, bottom timer, knife, compass


The Underwater Navigator course consists of knowledge development through self study and review with an instructor. Once this is completed you will participate in 3 ocean dives on one day with an instructor to work on a variety of navigation skills. Dives will concentrate primarily on underwater navigation, but touch on some surface navigation skills as well. Underwater navigation skills will include both compass aided navigation and natural navigation.