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Start Date End Date Availability
August 17, 2024 August 17, 2024 Register - $379.95
September 14, 2024 September 14, 2024 Register - $379.95
October 26, 2024 October 26, 2024 Register - $379.95
November 23, 2024 November 23, 2024 Register - $379.95
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  • $379.95 Regular
  • $499.95 Semi-Private
  • $649.95 Private


  • 1 day Course Length
  • varies Start Time
  • 12 Age Requirement
  • Moderate, Advanced Course Difficulty
  • Classroom, Ocean Water time

Course overview

Do you want to refine your buoyancy skills and gain general comfort and control underwater? The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course is designed specifically to improve your performance in the water which will in turn help both your air consumption and confidence. Many photographers opt to take this specialty certification so that they have greater control while concentrating on setting up shots; while other divers enjoy the overall stability and confidence they gain from the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.

Divers interested in earning their PADI Master Diver certification may apply the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty certification to this additional certification.

We Supply

  • All necessary dive rentals
  • PADI Elearning Peak Performance Specialty
  • PADI Certification
  • All Essential Dive Equipment

You Supply

  • Transportation
  • Personal gear: Mask, Snorkel & Bottom Timer (Dive Computer).
  • Recommended Equipment: Reel & SMB


The Peak Performance Buoyancy course consists of knowledge development through self study and with an instructor. It also includes 2 ocean dives to be completed on one day that will run you through some buoyancy and trim skills and practice. Focus will be placed on body positioning and control in the water. Instructors will work with students in low ratios to adjust equipment and weight distribution to best assist divers in the water. Propulsion techniques may also be addressed if time permits.