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August 21, 2024 August 21, 2024 Register - $149.95
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  • $149.95 Regular
  • $209.95 Semi-Private
  • $299.95 Private


  • 2-3 Hours Course Length
  • 6:30 p.m. Start Time
  • 10 years or older Age Requirement
  • Beginner Course Difficulty
  • Self Study, Classroom Water time

Course overview

Learn to manage basic scuba diving equipment repairs and adjustments. Understand routine care and maintenance procedures and how dive gear works.

Don’t miss a dive due to minor issues with your scuba diving equipment. Whether it’s a missing o-ring, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap, the PADI Equipment Specialist course teaches you to manage basic repairs and adjustments. You’ll also learn more about how your gear works, making you more comfortable with it and better prepared to take care of your investment.

You’ll learn hands-on and in depth how to troubleshoot and oversee minor adjustments from a technician with 30+ years of servicing experience in Scubapro, Atomic Aquatics, Aqualung, Apeks, Oceanic, Sherwood and many other popular brands.

Note: This is not a service technician course and does not provide you with the knowledge to service your own equipment. However, this course will save you money by giving you the understanding of how and when your equipment needs servicing and how you can maintain it properly to keep you and your favourite dive gear exploring the underwater world for a very long time.

We Supply

Our PADI Instructor may ask you to bring your basic scuba equipment to class, but will also have examples of other dive gear for you to work with during training.

You Supply

Start learning now with PADI’s home-study materials – Equipment Specialist eLearning. Read and watch video about how each piece of scuba gear and accessory dive equipment works.

Included in the course.