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  • 2-3 Hours Course Length
  • 6:30 p.m. Start Time
  • 18+ Age Requirement
  • Advanced Course Difficulty
  • Classroom Water time

Course overview

The DSAT Gas Blender course appeals to some keen recreational divers and definitely to anyone interested in working as a dive professional. This course introduces the theory and practical application of blending/filling various breathing gases (enriched air, trimix) and the handling of compressed gases aside from standard air. Having this certification makes Divemasters and Instructors much more employable. As it is a DSAT course it is recognized globally.

Oxygen cleaning of some basic equipment will also be introduced. Techniques and special considerations for handling and blending with Oxygen and Helium will be considered. At IDC we have the Lower Mainland’s most comprehensive gas filling station with Oxygen, Helium and Argon on hand and an Oxygen compatible booster integrated into the system. Students in the DSAT Gas Blender course will get hands on training and experience with this equipment.

We Supply

  • DSAT Gas Blender manual and learning materials
  • Gas blending station and appropriate gases


If it has been some time since taking your Enriched air or Nitrox course then it may be a good idea to review this material before embarking on your Gas Blending homework.

This course consists of self study as well as a couple evenings of classroom work with knowledge development and practical application of both blending and cleaning. Students will be exposed to the theory of gas blending, appropriate safety procedures, calculations, various filling techniques and have an opportunity to apply much of what they learn in the classroom to actual blending activities under supervision of a qualified, knowledgeable, attentive instructor.