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August 12, 2024 August 17, 2024 Register - $449.95
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  • $449.95 Regular
  • $619.95 Semi-Private
  • $789.95 Private


  • 3 days Course Length
  • 7:30PM Monday - Refresher & Wednesday - Drysuit Orientation (*6:00PM July & Aug Dates) | 8:00AM Saturday Start Time
  • 12+ Age Requirement
  • Beginner, Moderate Course Difficulty
  • Classroom, Pool, Ocean Water time

Course overview

Been out of the water for a while? Want to get back into diving? We want to help. If you are a certified diver join us for a Refresher course to brush up on those skills you learned the first time around and review the crucial academics or the course. Many dive operators require some logged proof of recent diving or training if you wish to book a dive. And most reputable dive operators will not rent you a drysuit without proof of training in one.

Here at IDC we have created a comprehensive refresher course that is suited for our water. It is a course that is not just for review, but for advancing your diving skills as well. This is an excellent way for divers that have done all or most of their diving in warmer waters to get acquainted with BC’s more temperate  IDC’s Deluxe Refresher Course is one step past the Basic Refresher Course. You will participate in the basic refresher course on the first day then on day 2 you start the PADI Drysuit Specialty Course. It includes two ocean dives and your drysuit specialty certification, as well as all necessary PADI materials and rental equipment.

Note: You do not have to be PADI certified to participate and receive the PADI Drysuit Diver Specialty but you must provide proof of your Scuba certification.

Reactivate with PADI Club add-on

Feel like it’s been especially long since you were diving and would like to receive PADI course materials as well? The PADI ReActivate add-on is designed to give certified divers a more formal PADI experience with an eLearning to follow along with prior to the practical session. After completion of the ReActivate Refresher you’ll receive a PADI eCard stating the date of successful completion to present to the dive operation requiring the refresher.

Along with the ReActivate, you will also receive a PADI Club membership as an added bonus to the program. Read more details about the program at

Similarly to the PADI Drysuit Diver, you do not have to be certified with PADI to participate with any of these programs but you must provide proof of your Scuba certification.

We Supply

  • Two hour pool session and Two Ocean Dives
  • PADI Drysuit Suit Crew Pack
  • PADI Drysuit Specialty Cerification
  • Rental drysuits – available in a wide range of sizes (Mask,Snorkel & Mouthpiece for your regulator is not included)

You Supply

  • Mask,Snorkel & Mouthpiece for your regulator.
  • Bottom Timer (Computer is available for rent for $20.00)
  • Completed knowledge reviews
  • Transportation
  • Completed PADI Medical form


The course takes place over one evening in the pool and one day in the ocean.

Refresher – Class and Pool

The course begins with a day as a dedicated refresher course. On session one you will be reintroduced to the use and setup of your scuba equipment, proper use of hand signals and diving techniques in the class and pool.

  • On deck for gear assembly, briefings. Please be changed and ready on the pool deck by *9:15pm.
  • *9:30pm – in water for pool training.
  • (8:00pm July & Aug Dates)

Drysuit Orientation – Class and Pool

The second day is an orientation to the use of a drysuit in the classroom and a pool session. The classroom component introduces use of a drysuit and its buoyancy characteristics. We will also introduce students to the different types of drysuits and various features and options one might encounter when renting or buying a drysuit. Students will be taught basic care and maintenance of suits and given examples of appropriate undergarments and complementary exposure protection to consider for cold water diving.

The confined water sessions are conducted at an indoor, heated pool which provides parking and lockers. Students will be taught new or altered techniques for buoyancy control and trim (streamlining) in drysuits in the pool; this will be the bulk of the focus for the second day of the program. Students will perform a buoyancy check and learn efficient methods and positions to descend and ascend in drysuits.

Ocean Dives

After you have completed the two nights of training you will do two dives in the ocean in a drysuit with an instructor. These dives will include a site orientation, briefing on dive procedures and skills that will allow you to comfortably and confidently enjoy diving in BC waters.

  • 12pm – 6pm Friday – Check over & pick up rental equipment from IDC.
  • 8am Saturday – Meet at Whytecliff Park or Porteau Cove (as confirmed by instructor during pool session). Site orientation, briefing, knowledge reviews prior to 2 dives. This could be an afternoon dive according to the tides and the time of year. Please check with IDC staff for the exact location and dive time.
  • 2:30pm Saturday – Return to shop to return gear, complete certification, et cetera.

Course Extras

Regular Refresher with Reactivate/PADI Club upgrade : $449.95 + $90 = $539.95