Buying discount scuba gear in Canada, things you should know!

Everyone likes a deal and we try to help you save money on your scuba gear, but price should not be your only concern when buying discount scuba gear in Canada. In fact, as you are really investing in life support equipment, price probably should not even be your primary concern. Functionality, safety, reliability, durability should be way up there when choosing scuba equipment.

That’s not to say that price isn’t a concern, in reality, we all know it is. Be smart and informed with when and how to save money on your purchases. Buying quality gear that works well for your current diving and has the potential to grow with you is probably the best way to save money on dive gear in the long run. Ask anyone that has been diving for years and you’ll likely get similar advice.

Why discount scuba gear isn’t always a bargain

Buying gear that seems like a bargain that you will only have to replace in a year is rarely a deal compared to a similar piece of equipment that may cost a little more but last you 10 years of diving. This is not to say that the more expensive an item, the better it is: Whether an item needs to be replaced due to breaking down or simply because it does not suit the diver using it does not matter. An item might be expensive for several reasons that may or may not reflect actual performance quality. Sometimes (especially in Canada due to tax) we pay a little more for something that works well, sometimes you will just be paying for a bit of extra “dive bling”. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with “dive bling”, personally I have a few items that might qualify, but sometimes you just would rather not drive a Ferrari on a logging road, if you know what I mean.

Sometimes you can find amazing discounted scuba gear. Our Vancouver dive shop for instance often have products available at a fraction of the original cost simply because the manufacturers want to clear out old stock to make way for new models. And often the primary difference between one year’s model to the next is purely or largely aesthetic. Some of these items get bundled, too, so the savings may not be apparent at first glance until you realize all or most necessary accessories are included in the purchase price.

Often the best way to save money on scuba dive gear is to buy it as a package. We have several packages available and some have some mix-and-match components. Consider investing your BCD and reg set-up together or your drysuit, undergarments and accessories.

Ask plenty of questions when buying discount scuba gear

Regulator sets with lifetime parts warranties exist and within a couple years will be saving you hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind that some warranties follow a product throughout its lifetime and others apply only to the original owner – used equipment might not be a deal for very long. Some items are available with usable or store replaceable parts (batteries, seals, et cetera) and these will often save you a fair amount in shipping over the years and often have less expensive replacement parts than those that must be replaced by the factory.

The moral of the story is that it is possible to save yourself money when buying discount scuba gear in Canada, but that does not always mean going with the lowest price tag.