Atomic Aquatic Cobalt Computer Recall

Atomic Aquatics has initiated a recall on certain Cobalt Dive Computers. Although they hope the percentage of units with this problem is small, the defect is serious enough that Atomic feels it is necessary to recall and inspect as many units as possible to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Fortunately the defect is easy to identify and they hope that you will cooperate with us by returning your Cobalt to International Diving Centre or to Atomic Aquatics.

Hazard: Improper assembly of the high pressure sensor inside the unit could leak, potentially causing the lens of the computer to blow off suddenly. This could result in personal injury from flying parts; render the computer inoperable and would also create a continuous but slow leak of breathing gas that could require a diver to surface prematurely.

Incidents/Injuries: Atomic Aquatics has received approximately 30 reports of leaks and in some cases caused the lens to blow off of the computer. No injuries have been reported.

Affected units: This recall involves Atomic Aquatics brand Cobalt dive computers with serial numbers 2210-XXXX through 1612-XXXX (manufactured between May 31, 2010 and April 16, 2012). Manufacture date can be determined by the serial number. The first 2 digits of the serial number are the week of manufacture and the second 2 digits are the year of manufacture. Cobalts shipped after the 1612-XXXX date code end date (approximately May 2012) do not need to be inspected and are not affected by this recall. Having a Cobalt with one of the affected serial numbers does not mean it is defective, but that it needs to be inspected for the defect.

Here is a list of all serial date lots made during the affected period. Look for the first four digits with the following numbers: 2210, 2910, 4010, 4710, 5010, 1111, 1711, 2611, 2811, 3211, 3311, 3411, 3511, 3611, 3711, 3811, 3911, 4011, 4111, 4211, 4511, 4611, 5211, 0812, 1112, 1212, 1312, 1412, 1612

What you should do: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled dive computers and return the unit to either International Diving Centre or to Atomic Aquatics factory for inspection. Inspection by the retailer is a quick and simple process. If your Cobalt passes this inspection it will be returned to you. If not, the retailer will return it to the factory for repair.

Even if you did not purchase the Cobalt from International Diving Centre we will be able to help you with this matter.