Why the Aqualung Squeeze is my favourite dive knife

Now, to be fair, if you asked each staff member and scuba instructor around here which dive knife is their favourite you would likely receive a different response from each of us.

But I write most of these posts, so I am using this platform to tell you about which dive knife I love the most. My opinion isn’t necessary definitive (though it should be). And, like most dive gear, what is best for you will depend somewhat on the type of diving you’re doing and where you’re doing it.

The Aqualung Squeeze is a relatively petite dive knife, especially compared to the sabres from days of yore. It’s 3″ blade and overall length of 6.5″ isn’t exactly intimidating. However, it is easy to mount. I like it because it easily mounts on the waist band of my backplate and harness. This spot is very accessible. I do not have to reach down to my calf, compromising trim, to get to my knife. With one hand I can simply squeeze the locking mechanism and release the knife. This mechanism has proven very reliable and secure over years of diving with this knife. If I am so entangled in something that I can’t reach my waist and release the knife, then it probably wouldn’t matter where my knife is mounted. It’s small size also makes it easy to mount on an LPI hose, a pocket of an Aqualung BCD or the calf if that’s what you prefer.

The knife is made out of durable 304 Stainless steel; it has a straight edge, a serrated edge and a line cutter. It also has a blunt tip to help prevent stabbing a hole in your drysuit (or wetsuit) and that narrow, blunt tip can be used to pry or act as a flathead screwdriver in a pinch.

Small, simple and highly functional (not to mention affordable), this tool is an essential part of my kit on every dive.