PADI Scuba Courses

Courses we currently offer are outlined below

Refresher Scuba Courses

Want to go diving in our waters? Have not been on scuba for a while? We can help you gain the knowledge and experience to get reacquainted with Vancouver diving. While gaining knowledge in a drysuit.

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Recreational Scuba Courses

You need to be trained well and feel confident to explore our underwater world. If you are not yet a diver, IDC will make it our mission to make you see why this is the one true sport that lives up to all your expectations

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Professional Scuba Dive Courses

PADI certfied professional Scuba courses are for divers wanting to start a career in the scuba industry. Whether you work for International Diving Centre, at a resort or on a live-aboard dive boat, the adventure of a lifetime is yours for the taking.

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Specialty Scuba Courses

Whether you're seeking the adventure found in sunken shipwrecks, the sensation of weightlessness, a beautiful coral reef, a Port Hardy trip, a natural world beyond comprehension or a new weekend activity there is nothing like scuba diving.

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GUE Scuba Courses

Technical diving is an extremely equipment intensive activity in which overcomplicating a gear configuration can lead to serious injury and even death. Learn from professional.

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Performance Freediving Courses

We have a Freediving course that will help you increase your depth and time; your knowledge of Freediving and most importantly the safety requiered to Freedive safely for years to come

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About our PADI Scuba Dive Courses

We offer a complete range of scuba courses in Vancouver, including both PADI scuba dive courses and GUE training. Begin your scuba training with a certification course such as the PADI Open Water or GUE’s Rec 1. Or, you can continue your education with us with the PADI Advanced, Rescue and Specialty courses or a GUE Primer or Fundamentals training. Discover scuba diving beyond the recreational realm and opt for Instructor or Divemaster courses or explore even more with the technical side of dive education. Additionally, if you are a certified diver and have been out of the water for a while and want a review, we offer a couple options for refresher courses.

10 things to know about our PADI scuba dive courses

  1. Our PADI scuba dive courses run all year round, winter being the best time (really).
  2. We offer both advanced scuba diving courses as well as beginner scuba courses.
  3. There are no hidden fees with our PADI scuba dive courses.
  4. Open water courses include all necessary equipment rentals.
  5. Students that complete their scuba course with us will receive a “student discount” on several retail items.
  6. Our PADI Open course comes with one free equipment rental to use after the course is completed.
  7. We offer multiple GUE courses, with instructor Alan Johnson on staff.
  8. We also offer PADI referral courses as well as complete scuba certification courses.
  9. We offer private scuba courses giving flexibility when scheduling a course
  10. Finally, you can learn to scuba dive online and can register for these easily on our website.

All of the scuba courses available at our dive shop are conducted with the belief that they should be a safe and fun part of your diving experience. Our instructional staff are committed, competent and passionate divers that are eager to ensure you get as much enjoyment out of scuba diving as we do. Virtually all of our courses are available privately or semi-privately for those that prefer individual attention or alternative course schedules.

Still not sure what PADI Scuba Course to take?

With all the scuba courses options available it’s sometimes unclear what course you may wish to take or even where to start. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or call 604-736-2541 and have one of our PADI certified scuba dive instructors help you find the right dive course that fits your PADI certification level or your desire for further scuba education.

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