Rent Scuba Gear at our Vancouver Dive Shop

Scuba Gear Rental VancouverOur Vancouver dive shop has a full range of scuba rental gear and other watersports, including freediving, snorkeling, swimming and surfing. We have daily scuba rentals in all sizes or can rent gear for longer periods if necessary.

Our scuba rental equipment is high end and continuously serviced and well-maintained. We highly encourage trying before you buy and have a variety of cold water scuba equipment available to try. If you decide you like what you have tried we are happy to put the cost of the first rental towards your purchase.

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Rental Price Chart

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Rental Equipment Item Package A Package B Package C Cost
$49.95 $69.95 $89.95
Wet Suit $20.00
Hood $7.50
BCD $15.00
Regulator $15.00
Tank (Air) $15.00
Weight $10.00
Boots $7.50
Gloves $7.50
Mask/Snorkel $17.50
Fins $17.50
Dry Suit $55.00
Halcyon Infinity System $30.00
Tank (Nitrox) $25.00
Computer $20.00
Compass $10.00
Open Water Swim Suit $30.00
Performance Freediving Wetsuit $25.00

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Contact Information:

  • Phone: (604) 736-2541
  • Toll Free: 1-866-432-DIVE(3483)
  • Fax: (604) 736-2506
  • Email:

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm
  • Holidays 10am - 5pm
  • Open everyday except Christmas & New Years

Specific Information about our Scuba Rentals

$20.00per day

Wet Suit Rentals

IDC has over 100 wetsuits in the rental department in a variety of sizes and styles. The suits are a set of top and bottoms each consisting of 7mm of neoprene (that means 14mm of neoprene over your core to keep you warm). We have both men’s and women’s wetsuits for hire and are happy to assist you in finding one that will fit you properly.

$7.50per day

Hood Rentals

IDC rents both drysuit and wetsuit hoods in both zippered and non-zippered versions.

$15.00per day

BCD Rentals

All of our rental BCDs are weight integrated and suitable for the demands of local Vancouver diving in terms of structure and lift capacity. Most of our rental BCDs are by Seaquest; we have a full range of sizes from xs-xl.

$15.00per day

Regulator Rentals

IDC’s rental regulators are all cold water compatible for Vancouver’s waters and include a drysuit inflator as a standard. Our regulators are balanced so that regardless of your depth our regulators will deliver you air/gas consistently and comfortably. Upon request we can provide you with a regulator equipped with a compass integrated into the console.

$15.00per day

Tank (Air) Rentals

We have tanks for rent with 63, 80 and 100 cubic foot capacities. IDC rents both steel tanks and aluminum tanks. We have some tanks available with either DIN or yoke valves, but typically rent yoke valves unless otherwise requested. Tank rentals include an air fill and any additional air fills you need from us within the 24 hour rental period.

Steel tanks ($20/day) are a popular item and we recommend calling ahead to reserve these items when possible. We do not guarantee their availability especially during busy periods.

$10.00per day

Weight Rentals

IDC rents an assortment of weight: weight belts, integrated weight pockets, loose lead and weight pouches. We are happy to help you determine approximately how much lead you may need for a given dive depending upon other equipment, exposure protection and environment. The weight rental rate remains the same to a maximum of 45lbs.

$7.50per day

Boots Rentals

We offer 5-7mm boots, available in sizes from 4 to 14.

$7.50per day

Gloves Rentals

All our gloves are 5mm neoprene and a five finger design, sizes range from XXS-XXL. In some cases drygloves or 3-finger “lobster mitts” may be available upon request.

$17.50per day

Mask/Snorkel Rentals

At IDC we rent masks and snorkels for diving and other activities as a set. We have a wide variety of masks to fit a variety of faces.

$17.50per day

Fins Rentals

We offer a range of sizes and varieties of open foot fins to be used with a wetsuit or drysuit boot. We also offer rental fins for pool use with a closed foot pocket.

$55.00per day

Dry Suit Rentals

IDC has a full range of shell-style (aka bag or laminate) drysuit sizes in the rental department for both men and women. We primarily feature Bare Nex Gens in the rentals, but also have a few other suits including DUI, Oceaner, Tusa and other Bare models. Upgrade any package to a drysuit package for $30 or rent them separately for $55/day. All suits come with either attached hard boots or a soft sock with an additional outer boot included in the cost of the drysuit rental.

$30.00per day

Halcyon Infinity System Rentals

IDC offers a number of Halcyon Infinity systems in the rental department for those curious to try a backplate and wing set up or for those that know that they prefer this system, but are in need of a rental unit. Please allow a few extra minutes if you have not used one of these items to talk to staff to become familiarized with it so that you can maximize your enjoyment of this popular form of BCD. Our knowledgeable staff will help you fit the unit properly so that you can make the most of these customizable buoyancy compensation systems.
Add $15.00 to any package.

$25.00per day

Tank (Nitrox) Rentals

If you are a certified nitrox diver we are happy to rent you a tank with enriched air up to 40% O2. The cost is $20/day. Proof of enriched air diver certification is required. Because it nitrox takes more time to fill than air, we ask that you call ahead to reserve these tanks.

If you require a cylinder filled with any percentage above 40%, we can accommodate you as well, but additional costs may apply and divers must have proof of training appropriate to the mix they request.

$20.00per day

Computer Rentals

If you want or need a computer to dive with either for fun or we can help you out. We primarily stock Suunto Gekkos in the rental department but other models may be available.

$10.00per day

Compass Rentals

Rental regulators may be equipped with a compass on the gauge console for no extra charge. Please advise us if you want this option.

$30.00per day

Open Water Swim Suit Rentals

The rental swim wetsuits are designed wih the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association in mind. If you need one for an upcoming event, please book well in advance as they are popular items. They are also available for sale in our Water Sports section.

$25.00per day

Performance Freediving Wetsuit Rentals

IDC has freediving wetsuits available to rent. These suits are those specified by Performance Freediving for the local environment. We have a full range of sizes available.