XS Scuba XTR Extra Air – Complete Backup Rescue System

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The XTR Extra Air – Complete Backup Rescue System works as a great bailout system, pony bottle set up as well as a light duty service regulator for those that just need to scrub the bottom side of your boat or want to work on your pool.

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Product Description

The XTR Extra Air – Complete Backup Rescue System is comprised of the XS Scuba AltAir Octopus, XS Scuba Compact DIN First Stage by Highland, XS Scuba Mini Tech Gauge by Highland, XS Scuba Pro Valve, XS Scuba Pony Pony Mount by Highland, XS Scuba 90 Degree Fitting and a Pony Bottle.

Photo shown with an 80 cu ft Aluminum Tank not included. This order could take 10 days to be shipped out depending on stock levels.

Package Includes:

Mini Tech Gauge (HL502)

  • 0 to 5000 psi, wide 210-degree sweep

  • Chromed brass case w/ rubber boot

Compact First Stage (HL406)

  • Highland DIN direct inlet

  • Simple flow-by piston design

XS Scuba PRO Valve (VX200-30N-VI)

  • Combination DIN/Yoke outlet

  • DIN insert included

DIN Cap (HL401)

  • Seal water out of your first stage

  • Machined Delrin material

Cylinder Choices:

  • Aluminum 6 cu ft – neon yellow

  • Aluminum 13 cu ft – neon yellow (pictured)

  • Aluminum 19 cu ft – neon yellow

Pony Mount (HL409 or HL412)

  • Highland design

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Quick & easy attachment

  • Secure under your current BC strap

Miflex (MLP40-YL)

  • Low-pressure regulator hose

  • Length: 40 in (102 cm)

  • Colour: yellow

AltAir (RG300)

  • Compact, low profile octopus

  • Easy, high flow purge

  • Built-in attachment clip for BC

90º Adapter (AC910)

  • Swivels for use by diver or buddy

  • Chromed brass construction

Available in three sizes:

  • XTR-06 (6 cu ft)

  • XTR-13 (13 cu ft)

  • XTR-19 (19 cu ft)

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs

XS Scuba

Bottle Size

Aluminum 6 cu ft, Aluminum 13 cu ft, Aluminum 19 cu ft


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