Whytecliff Park Day Dive Demo Day

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Whytecliff is Vancouver’s most popular dive site for good reason. This marine protected sanctuary for some of Howe Sound’s threatened creatures boasts a lot of life.  The plentiful plumose anemones, dungeness, red rock, hermit, decorator crabs (among others), rock fish, gobies, sole, massive sun stars, sea cucumbers are nothing to turn your nose up at.

Whyteciff is also home to its share of surprises. Divers frequently encounter a friendly seal in the bay and secretive octopus either on the prowl or hidden away in a den. In the summer, it is not unusual for dogfish to make an appearance. More exotic creatures occasionally pop up here, as well, from a six gill sighting to a humboldt squid, from Pacific White-sided dolphins in the cut, to occasional curious sea lions, Whytecliff attracts marine life like it attracts divers.

Whytecliffe park is easy to find located along Hwy 99 (near Horseshoe bay).


  • Included 2 tank, weights, PADI Professional Guide
  • 25% off rentals
  • Transportation is available for $15.00 space limited
  • Mask Rentals are not available need to have your own mask and snorkel also need to buy mouthpiece.


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