Venture Heat PRO Heated Undersuit (Version 3)

$1,199.95 CAD

New V3 Pro Version now in stock! Experienced divers who know their way around the ocean demand professional grade equipment to keep them safe. The PRO Heated Undersuit is the ideal choice when heating performance of the undersuit matters in the coldest water. It can be fitted underneath a dry-suit or a wetsuit for critical warmth. The whole system is fully submersible with 100M waterproof rating.

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Product Description

New V3 Pro Version Upgrades

100% waterproof heating up to 300ft / 100m

Redesigned Battery

  • Shorter and more square to better fit all body shapes
  • New plug connector (upgraded from V2 pin-style) to improve connection and prevent accidental damage
  • On/Off button and battery status light to see remaining charge

Carbon Nanofiber Heating technology

  • carbon nanofiber heating technology
  • improved butterfly shape for better heating coverage
  • saltwater-safe

Other Features

  1. Battery wattage – 32 watts from 40 watts
  2. Battery on/off switch
  3. Upgraded wet connector between battery and vest
  4. Vest heat elements – carbon fiber
  5. 616/617 – increase size of heat panels

Armed with two heat panels provides 32 watts of high output warmth to the user’s torso. Powered from the two V3 11.1V 5000 mAh lithium batteries that can be activated by pressing the button on the wireless wrist remote. Incorporated into the undersuit is a haptic status receiver that sends feedback to the user via pulses regarding the heat levels, which works well even obscured vision while underwater.

The PRO Heated Undersuit is the companion designed for even serious divers everywhere.

The Delspring PRO 32W Waterproof heating System (Front Panel)

  • Actively generate heat to keep you warm and comfortable in the chilling water underneath the wetsuit or dry suit
  • Includes 1 Wireless Rechargeable Wristband Remote and Remote Charging Kit
  • Includes 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery Kit

1 Rear Heating Panel
Wide back panel heats up your core.

The Ultimate Wireless Remote Kit
Easily accessible, the rechargeable wireless controller fits on the wrist with a selection of 3 heating levels.

Double the Strength and Longer the Dive
Each Heated Diving Wet/Dry under-suit Vest comes with two (2) High Capacity Lithium-ion battery constructed with pro-grade aluminum casing and offers up-to h hours of heating performance.

5 Hour Runtime
Operates up to 5 hours between three heat settings; 3 hours (High),  4 hours (Med), and 6 hours (Low).

Wireless Controller with Haptic Signals

  • Tap (click once) click or push the button to select your desired temperature.
  • Your remote controller will illuminate, and your suit’s temperature controller will both illuminate and vibrate.
  • Find your perfect heated comfort while you’re enjoying your underwater Adventure.

Machine Wash Safe

  1. To prevent seawater oxidization of the connector (shortens product life,) cover all battery connectors with the protective cap.
  2. After each use, clean your equipment (including the battery, garment, and remote) with freshwater and air dry immediately.
  3. You may choose to wash the undersuit using protective caps and placing the garment inside the laundry bag.

Not just for scuba, it’s buit for all outdoor activities

kayaking • surfing • canoeing • camping • skiing • snowmobiling • winter hiki

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs

Venture Heat

Vest Size

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large


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SIZE Chest In Chest cm Waist In Waist cm
2XS 36-38" 91-97 36-38" 91-97
XS 39-41" 99-104 38-39" 96-99
SM 42-45" 107-114 41-44" 104-112
MD 43-46" 109-117 42-45" 107-114
LG 44-47" 112-119 43-46" 109-117
XL 49-52" 124-132 48-51" 122-130
2XL 52-54" 132-137 51-53" 130-135
3XL 53-55" 135-140 53-55" 135-140