Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Edition

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The new Shearwater Adventures Edition build on the Peregrine Computer, featuring two stunning new colours.



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Product Description

Two contrasting Light and Dark Edition options draw inspiration from the vivid and diverse underwater worlds, embodying the spirit of adventure. The Adventures Edition Light Peregrine captures the essence of coral reef diving in pristine, translucent coral seas, showcasing white, silver foam colours, and ocean teal accents.

The contrasting Adventures Edition Dark Peregrine evokes the allure of exploring temperate waters, undiscovered wrecks, and caverns with steel grey colours and sporty orange accents.

Each is presented in Edition Light & Dark colour-coded ballistic nylon cases, ideal for packing the Peregrine in a gear bag when heading out for the next dive adventure.

The new wetsuit length strap keeps the Peregrine streamlined on a wrist in warmer waters. An accent colour set of strap retainers and a strap colour-matched set are included for customisation. Striking coloured shock cords keep things tight for drysuit divers or those who prefer a minimalist style.

Polished stainless steel buttons are tactile, easy to use with or without gloves, and match the strap buckles.

The Peregrine logo flash is transformed to white, complimenting the inner bezel and framing our signature bright, easy-to-read display.

Shearwater Research Canada’s own dive computer manufacturer, the Peregrine Dive Computer offers a colour display open- circuit dive computer with three options Air, Nitrox (up to 40%) and user selectable 3-gas Nitrox (up to 100% O2). During a decompression dive, the Peregrine provides complete information displays of all required stop times. The Peregrine can provide time-to-surface based on “look ahead” at planned gas switches and will NOT “lockout” after a missed stop or ascent rate violation. The Peregrine offers a large {2.2in. | 5.59 cm} screen display utilizing a low-power consumption, 320×240 QVGA, full colour LCD display and levels are adjustable.


  • Air/Nitrox capable up to 100% O2
  • 3 open-circuit gas switch presets
  • Buhlmann ZHL-16C with Gradient Factors (no VPM)
  • Multi-compartment tissue saturation bar graphs
  • %CNS oxygen exposure tracking
  • Ascent rate monitor
  • Haptic (vibration) alarm that can be disabled
  • Date, time and temp display
  • Easy to read large {2.2in. | 5.59 cm} full colour screen
  • Easy two-button operation adaptive menus with support for multiple languages
  • Extensive “home screen” customization options
  • User configuration units: imperial (feet) or metric (meters)
  • Logbook of last 200 hours of diving
  • Operation to at least {394 fsw | 120 msw}
  • Battery level & warning
  • Richly featured gauge mode
  • Engineered polymer body with two stainless steel buttons
  • Bluetooth Smart wireless upload/download
  • User upgradable firmware
  • Wireless rechargeable battery (factory replaceable)
  • Shearwater Cloud Dive Log Software
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

What’s in the box:

  • Peregrine Adventures Edition
  • 27mm black silicone wrist strap
  • shock cord for bungee mount
  • zippered nylon polymer travel case
  • wireless charging pad & USB cable
  • Quick start guide w/instructions for downloading full manual

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