SeaCure Custom Mouthpiece

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The Diver’s Answer To Jaw Fatigue and Headaches

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Coined the ultimate diving mouthpiece for over 20 years as the best moldable mouthpiece in the business. The SeaCure was created by an orthodontist, is guaranteed by SeaCure to fit you perfectly and is the only moldable “and remoldable” mouthpiece offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions.

Improved Design
With over 20 years experience SeaCure has developed the new High Flow – a patent pending design that significantly increases grip and reduces bulk which can trigger gagging.
“Offset” Bite Position
As the mouth opens the jaw hinges backward. SeaCure is the only mouthpiece that is shaped for that movement resulting in the most comfortable bite position. This also reduces leakage and strain in the lower lip area.
Bite Stop For Accurate Molding and Remolding
With SeaCure the “bite stop” is located in the Yellow Sealing Plug. This is important because it is not dependent on the position or the shape of the back teeth. The small bite limiters used by some moldable mouthpieces depend on the shape and position of the back teeth. Unfortunately back teeth are very unpredictable! For example, if a back tooth is missing and the mouthpiece has a bite limiter in the back, this can torque the lower jaw on closure causing asymmetric forces in the jaw joints when diving. We would never want a family member or any diver to risk the possibility of damaging a jaw joint.
Tear Resistant
SeaCure is made from a stiffer material to distribute the leverage of the regulator to the back teeth. Mouthpieces and especially firmer mouthpieces tend to tear where the mouthpiece meets the regulator. SeaCure is thicker in this area to eliminate tearing. We don’t want any diver to have a mouthpiece that can tear in this area during a dive. This is dangerous and expensive to replace.

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