Scubapro Hydros X BCD

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The Hydros X is the first front-adjustable BCD to offer a fully injection molded Monprene® thermoplastic shoulders and back pad. This unique feature allows the shoulders to conform to your body like a tailored fit.

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Its flat-buckled quick-release integrated weight system and rear trim weight pockets work together to offer a more comfortable and balanced ride when diving. Add the full-sized backpack and stainless steel Super Cinch tank band and you also get excellent stability both on the surface and at depth. The bladder, made out of EndurTex high-tenacity nylon fabric, is extremely lightweight and durable while offering generous lift capacity, aided by lower back bellows. In the event of damage, several components on the Hydros X are detachable and easily replaceable. The two big zippered cargo pockets offer great gear-carrying capacity and are easily accessible even when the weight pouches are fully loaded. Two stainless steel D-rings provide clip-on points for additional gear. In addition, the Hydros X features a Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix with multiple D-Ring and mounting points that easily attach various dive accessories.


  • Modular Design: Offers the same adaptable Monprene® shoulders and back pad popularized by the Hydros Pro back-inflation BCD.
  • Rotating Quick-Release Shoulder Buckles: Allow you to route your shoulder straps to optimize fit.
  • EndurTex Nylon Construction: High-tenacity 420 nylon fabric bladder is lightweight yet extremely durable.
  • Super Cinch Tank Buckle System: Securely locks the tank in solid for maximum stability at depth.
  • Integrated Front Weight System: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release front buckles offer a fixed location for easy one-hand operation.
  • Two Rear Trim Pouches: Help create a comfortable swimming position.
  • Monprene® Thermoplastic Shoulders & Back Pad: Extremely resistant to UV, chemicals and abrasion, plus it doesn’t absorb water to minimize drying time.
  • Two Big Zippered Cargo Pockets: Offer great gear-carrying capacity and are easily accessible even when the weight pouches are fully loaded.
  • Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix: Multiple D-Rings and mounting points for a knife + light + SMB + hoses + crotch strap and much more.

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XL/XXL, Small, Medium, Large

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Balanced Power Inflator, Air II 5th Gen


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Size Height Weight lbs. Cumberband Length BCD Lift lbs. Releasable Weight Trim Weight Product Weight
Small 5'2"-5'7" 120-155 26"-39" 38 18lbs. 9lbs 7.8 lbs*
Medium 5'7"-6'0" 143-187 28"-45" 40.5 18lbs. 9lbs 7.8 lbs.*
Large 5'11"-6'2" 176-242 30"-50" 40.5 18lbs. 9lbs 7.8 lbs.*
XL-2XL 6'1"-6'6" 220-285 32"-58" 40.5 18lbs. 9lbs 7.8 lbs*.