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A bucket list encounter for many local divers is to come across a six gill shark underwater. Every summer these massive fish are known to emerge from their usual extremely deep water haunts to explore relatively shallow waters along BC’s coast. Whilst shallow enough fro divers to encounter these sharks appear quite docile. Over the years various regions around the coast have been hotspots for sightings from July-September. In recent years Barkley Sound has been the place to go to see them. This year we’d love for you to accompany us as we go in search of these ancient creatures.

Barkley Sound is a stunning destination both above and below the surface regardless of the sharks’ presence. The accommodations at Rendezvous are nestled along the rocky coastline, accessible only by boat. These rocky shores are typical of the beauty of the more remote reaches of BC’s coastline and the wildlife that frequent the area are as well. The folks at Rendezvous make it pretty clear that they do stop for wildlife, so keep you cameras handy. Eagles are commonplace, humpback whales cruise through at this time of year, keen eyes may catch sea otters, orcas, porpoise, etc. And that’s just above the water. Underwater, along with the hope of six gills, you will be treated to larger versions of local marine life (everything’s bigger in Barkley Sound), puget sound king crab, large schools of rockfish, and sea lions are regular sights for divers.

We arrive at the lodge on Friday evening for a 2 night, 2 day dive trip with 3 dives Saturday The lodge itself is comfortable and cozy with 5 double occupancy bedrooms and 2 common bath rooms for our guests. We have a dedicated class / camera room for courses or camera set up. Other amenities include a hot tub, kayaks, a charging bank with power 24 hours a day, a limited repair facility, and some spare dive gear.

There is an optional GoPro video & photo workshop put on by Peter at Rendezvous is offered on this trip. Maximize those shots of the six gills! This workshop is a $75 value, but is provided for free on the trip!


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