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Course Overview

Heralded by many as the most fun and most rewarding PADI scuba course that they have ever taken, we are happy to offer the PADI Rescue course on a regular basis. This course is valuable to every recreational diver and is also a prerequisite should one want to advance to professional levels like Divemaster or Instructor. The Rescue Diver course emphasizes a greater awareness, self-sufficiency and leadership role than any other PADI courses to this point. It is challenging, fun and exciting and really builds a sense of camaraderie amongst student divers.

Course Curriculum

Class & Pool

Our Rescure course runs over 2-3 evenings and 1 weekend day. Two evenings consist of classroom and pool instruction; the optional 3rd evening would consist entirely of classroom work at the instructor’s discretion. Typically 2 evenings provide enough time to cover the knowledge development necessary for the course, but if there is a large class or another significant need for extra instruction, this will be determined by the end of the first evening.

Students are encouraged to have all knowledge reviews completed by the beginning of course and to review CPR & first aid guidelines. At least the first 3 chapters and knowledge reviews must be completed by the first evening.

Pool training consists of reviewing basic self-rescue and tired diver techniques and then moves on to building new skills to contend with a panicked diver at the surface and underwater, unconscious divers, egress techniques, oxygen use and response from shore.

Ocean Dives

The ocean portion of the Rescue Diver course is an intense day of in-water work. There are some skills reviewed and evaluated at depth, at the surface and at the shore. Students will have a chance to practice and adapt techniques learned in the pool to the local open water environment. Divers will also be involved in scenarios and problem solving. Students in the course will find themselves in a leadership role during the ocean portion of the course – creating more aware, confident, thinking divers than any PADI course that precedes the rescue.

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