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PADI Open Water Diver Referral Course

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Become a certified diver!

Whether you’re seeking the adventure found in sunken shipwrecks, the sensation of weightlessness, a beautiful coral reef, a Port Hardy trip, a natural world beyond comprehension or a new weekend activity, there is nothing like scuba diving! The Basic Open Water Course is the gateway to what is often a life changing experience. Explore more of the world by diving into the underwater realm for some adventure. Your adventure begins sooner than you think: register for a comprehensive, personal Open Water Referral course and complete your confined water (pool) training in one weekend. Take your referral paperwork to any PADI instructor/facility in the world in a timely manner and complete your ocean training there. Have a warm water vacation coming up? Don’t waste time on your holiday in the class and pool. Be ready to hit the ocean as soon as you arrive with your referral papers and logbook!

The PADI Open Water certification is recognized worldwide as a valid scuba diving license. This will permit you to rent dive gear and book dive trips almost anywhere on the planet.

Scuba diving is accessible to most people with just a small amount of comfort in the water as a requirement. We’ll teach you all the skills you’ll need to use for the underwater world. The course begins with academics and pool training for students to develop their knowledge and skills at a comfortable, progressive pace before heading to the ocean.

At IDC we value safety above all else and are proud to keep our student to instructor ratios well below industry standards allowing for more personal attention and supervision. Along with the required course materials, which are quite comprehensive on their own, we like to incorporate a more thorough understanding of our unique dive environment and some of the techniques and knowledge that applies best to where we dive.

We are also happy to provide comfortable training facilities. Free parking and lockers are provided by the pool provided you sign up with at least 72 hours notice. Within that time we can likely arrange the same, but if not, both are available for a very small fee. We do not share the water with other scuba facilities and thus are able to provide a flexible environment in which we can optimize your training.


Course Curriculum


We are offering a certification course over two weeks, the first is your class and pool sessions and the following weekend you will take all that you learned in the pool to the ocean to become a certified diver.

Knowledge Development

Once you have registered you will receive an email to start your eLearning portion of the course, you will need to complete this prior to the first day in the pool and IDC is able to assist you prior to the first night if you need any extra help with the academic potion of the course.

There will be some knowledge development and/or review on the first Saturday of the course.

Pool Training

Pool dives are for skill introduction and development and to gain familiarity and comfort with the equipment involved in scuba diving. We keep our student to instructor ratios low to ensure that all students are able to progress at a steady but comfortable rate with plenty of feedback. Students are provided with 5-6 hours of in-water instruction plus time on the pool deck for equipment assembly, donning, et cetera.

The pool is a heated, indoor pool with shallow to deep water accessible without getting out of the water for an efficient, safe, comfortable training experience. Secure lockers and parking passes are available at no extra charge to students that sign up prior to 72 hours before the course start date.

Is the Open Water course a good way to start scuba diving?

Absolutely! The PADI Open Water course is designed as a course to take someone with no previous diving experience and teach them to be a competent, safe, certified diver. No previous experience is necessary; some begin their adventure with the Discover Scuba experience and decide to take their Open Water course from there.

What will I be able to do as an Open Water diver?

The PADI Open Water course certifies you to dive to 60ft/18m, during daylight hours with a buddy that is certified to an equivalent (or higher) level in conditions equal to or better than you are trained in. Learning in BC means that most of the world is accessible to you in terms of conditions. You can explore different marine ecosystems and artifacts the world over. It also acts as a prerequisite for further diving education if you want to gain more skills in specific aspects of diving.

Does my PADI Open Water Certification ever expire?

Technically, no, there is no expiration or renewal date issued when certifications are issued. If divers remain active, they simply need to track their diving in a diver’s logbook. If you take months or years away from diving and wish to get back in the water it is generally required that you take a Refesher course of some kind (ex PADI Scuba Tune-up or PADI Reactivate) to practice skills and review your basic dive theory. This is also a chance to get caught up on any potential changes in scuba diving equipment that may occur.

What are the age limits on the PADI Open Water course?

The minimum age to take a PADI Open Water course is 10 years old; however, we generally require a child to be at least 12 years of age before taking them into the ocean in BC. Sometimes children should be older due to the physical and mental maturity necessary to dive safely, particularly in a cold water environment. Youth that complete the course up to age 15 are awarded a PADI Junior Open Water scuba certification. This comes slightly modified restrictions such as diving with a parent, guardian or PADI professional and a maximum depth limit of 40ft/12m.

There is no upper age limit. If you are concerned about this, we recommend reviewing the PADI Medical form and discussing the decision with a physician prior to registering for any scuba diving course. Keep in mind that Jacques Cousteau himself was diving well past his 70s.

What happens if I have to reschedule?

We understand that life happens. We want to accommodate our students as best as we can which is one reason private and semi-private courses and course referrals are an option either from enrolment or as a change of direction should it be required once a diver has started a course. That being said, we strive to provide quality instruction and to pay our staff fairly for both in-water and prep time, as well we do our best to secure training quality facilities and provide small ratios so that your course is safe and personal. Completing training at a consistent pace also promotes student success, minimizing the amount of information that is forgotten between pool and ocean training. For these reasons we do not employ a model where students can drift in and out of class, pool and ocean sessions.

If you know, when you sign up, that course dates as scheduled will not work with your schedule, please discuss these concerns with us. We will do our best to find some alternatives that do, ideally with no or little cost for you. If you’ve signed up for a course and then realize you have a conflict, again, please contact us. If you give us at least a week’s notice prior to the start of your course we can move you with no additional cost. If you need to reschedule all or a portion of the course within a week of the course start date there will be a $50 class transfer fee. Within 48 hours (including no-shows) the fee is $100.

Additional/private instruction can be scheduled according to pool & instructor availability. Costs vary depending upon amount of private training required and availability.

Course referrals to/and from other PADI Instructors and Facilities can be accommodated.

What happens if I have to cancel?

We strongly encourage potential divers to carefully consider the course they are signing up for. We want people to love diving and the ocean by the end of the course if they don’t already. We want you to be safe and healthy when you dive. It is a very good idea to review the PADI Medical Form prior to signing up.

Tuition fees are non-refundable unless you provide IDC written proof from a doctor that you are unable to dive at the time of the course (the PADI Medical Form, preferably). If so, and you provide more than 48 hours notice, you will receive a store credit for the cost of the course less eLearning materials. Once eLearning access codes have been allocated payment is made immediately to PADI for each individual student. Materials and access codes may be applied to other Open Water courses if student is moving or travelling. For further details, please contact PADI directly.

Within 48 hours of the course up until the beginning of Day 2 (10:30am Sunday) students with a doctor’s note/medical form may receive up to 50% of tuition fees less eLearning material costs as an in-store credit.

No cash, credit or debit refunds are given for tuition or materials.

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