Oceanic Download Cable

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DiverLog (mac) and OceanLog (PC) are fully functional dive computer management software solutions designed especially for Oceanic. Easily upload and save data recorded by your dive computer, or input your data manually. The software allows you to easily view, edit and manage dive data and history.

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The Oceanic Download Cable allows you to connect your Oceanic computer to your PC or Mac using the OceanLog. With the Oceanic Download Cable and the installed software to your PC or Mac you can do a host of features.

  • Save personal data
  • Save medical & certification data
  • View, edit & manage dive data
  • Create dive graphs & memos for every dive
  • Add photos to dive logs
  • Firmware upgrades *
  • Manage favorite locations
  • Catalog dive gear
  • Add dive buddies & contacts
  • Search dive history

* Please check with us which model of cable you need for your Oceanic computer.

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VTX, GEO 2.0,


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