Hollis ST Elite System

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Similar to the baseline ST, the ST Elite brings together our most popular single tank components into a single system.

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Product Description

However, instead of the solo harness, we added our luxurious and adjustable Elite 2 harness, yielding a result similar to what you’d expect from a full-featured BCD.

So if you’re coming from the recreational world of single tank diving using a traditional BCD, this gives you that same harness style, but on a backplate for added stability. The ST Elite System also gives you a ton of options to customize depending on your diving style, in case it changes over time.

For warm water and travel destinations, we have the ST Elite Travel System, which includes the ultra streamlined ST22 wing, Aluminum backplate 2.0, Delrin cam bands and Backplate backpad 2.0.

And those diving in colder waters can choose the standard ST Elite, which includes a go anywhere ST35 wing, Stainless backplate 2.0, stainless cam bands and a backplate backpad 2.0.

Optional Hollis LX2 12LB Weight System. 

ST Elite Travel Systems Includes:

  • ST22 Wing
  • Elite 2 harness with Aluminum Backplate 2.0
  • Backplate Backpad 2.0
  • Delrin Cam Bands (Pair)

ST Elite Systems Includes:

  • ST35 Wing
  • Elite 2 harness with Stainless Steel Backplate 2.0
  • Backplate Backpad 2.0
  • Stainless Cam Bands (Pair)

Additional Information

Weight 18 lbs


ST System

ST Elite System (Stainless Plate 35lb Wing), ST Elite Travel System (Aluminium Plate 22lb Wing)


Medium/Large, Small/Medium, XLarge/XXLarge


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