Hollis Marker Buoy, w/Sling Pouch

$124.95 CAD

The Hollis Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) is a great safety device that all serious divers carry on every dive.

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Product Description

The SMB is the smart way for a diver to mark their location when making safety stops, completing mandatory decompression stops and signalling the boat if they surface a distance away from the boat. The Hollis SMB is brightly coloured for easy recognition from a distance.


  • Comes with quick deploy pouch
  • Hybrid Inflation design – Oral / Power Inflate or via regulator
  • Ideal for CCR divers who don’t have easy access to a 2nd stage for inflation
  • Anti spill self sealing closure ensures tube stays inflated
  • Mini HLI dump valve allows gas to vent during ascent or to depressurize bag at surface
  • Reflective tape and Cyalume holder at top of tube for night diving
  • Approx. 12 kg of lift
  • ANSI Safety Orange
  • 6 ft (1.8 m)

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs



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