Hollis Crotch Strap with Scooter Ring 1.5″

$31.95 CAD

The Hollis Crotch Strap is easy to install on your back pack or back plate assembly. Crotch strap has slide release buckles and a side-release squeeze-style quick-release buckle made from impact resistant plastic for rigging.

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Product Description

Hollis Crotch Strap with Scooter Ring Features

  • Hollis Crotch Strap with Scooter Ring:
  • Used for Fastening Harness & Back-Plate Securely to Diver’s Body
  • Strap Threads onto Back-Plate & Loop-On Harness Waist Belt Webbing
  • Keeps Harness-in-Place During Water-Entry
  • Prevent Gear Slipping-Upwards on Body in Water
  • Reducing Likelihood of Tank Touching Back of Head
  • Include Steel Scooter Ring for Use w/Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs)
  • Ring: Convenient Place to Temporarily Clip-Off an Item to Free-Your-Hands
  • Preferred by Technical Divers Using DPVs for Extended-Periods of Time
  • Slide Release Buckle for Adjustable Length
  • Side-Release Squeeze-Style” Quick-Release Buckle
  • Continuous Webbing Crotch Strap

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs


Buckle Material

Stainless Steel, Delrin


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