Halcyon Weighted Bellows Pocket

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Product Description

The Halcyon Weighted Bellows pocket is designed to attach to your harness strap on any backplate system. This pocket is made of a strong 1000 denier nylon material with a zippered flap storage area and internal bungees for small accessories.

The Halcyon Weighted Bellows pocket has the convenient design features you have come to expect from Halcyon pockets. It is the same physical size as the familiar Halcyon Standard Bellows™ pocket but with a harness slot for fixing the pocket to the diver’s waist strap. Two triglides allow the diver to secure the pocket to either Cinch™ ACB holders or the waist strap of a Halcyon Secure Harness™ (non-cinch). The pocket can be secured to either side of the diver’s waist.

  • Tough Cordura® material
  • Zippered flap storage area with internal bungies for small accessories
  • Large pocket internal bungies for pocket contents like the Halcyon Defender™ Pro or Halcyon SMB
  • Internal weight pocket holds 5 pounds (2.3 KG)
  • Stainless Steel drain grommets

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs



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