Grey Rock Deep Cove Fun Dive

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Another change of pace in Indian Arm, Grey Rocks (known to some as ‘Strathcona’) has a couple different dives to offer. There is a small (2/3 car) parking area and a dock at the entry point. The entry is a relatively easy, short walk into the water. You can descend right away and dive between the shore and the island with a single house on it not far off shore. This area doesn’t get much deeper than about 25’ (8-9m). It is full of eel grass and animals like gunnels, nudibranchs and snails take advantage of this. The sandy bottom also provides a good home for both dungeness and red rock crabs and this site provides ample opportunity to crab (if you have the appropriate fishing license).

If you’d like something with a little more depth to it, swim out to the Island and dive along it. Each side of the island is a little different and you do want to be wary of currents, particularly on the side farthest from shore, as they can be quite strong. Divers also need to be very aware of boat traffic. An SMB (surface marker buoy) and spool might be a good idea for ascents at this site.


  • Included 2 tanks and weights
  • 25% off rentals
  • Professional (PADI) diver on site.


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