Aqualung Download Cable

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Connect to your i100, i200, i300, i450* and upload that important dive information for years of enjoyment and sharing.

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Product Description

The Aqualung Download Cable allows you to connect your Aqualung computer to your PC or Mac using the Diverlog. With the Aqualung Download Cable and the installed software to your PC or Mac you can do a host of features.

  • Share your dive experience with your friends using the social sharing feature (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Record all of the important information of your dive, helping you refine you next dive
  • Remember those dive memories forever—by keeping your photos, YouTube videos, and notes from your dives
  • Map the globe with your dive sites
  • Stay connected with your dive buddies, with a record of your dive buddies and their contact information
  • Record all of your dive data, including dive gear, tank types and sizes, dive modes, elapsed dive times, no deco times and even your dive computer settings
  • Simulate your dives in real time
  • View dive data in graph or tabular format
  • Search your log using DiverLog’s powerful query feature
  • Manage your computer settings and firmwear updates
  • Export your dives in DL7 standard format
  • Secure your data with DiveCloud storage
  • Note your personal data including medical and certification information

*The download cable is included with the i450 and i750 but is available for replacement.

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i200, i100, i300 & i550, i450


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