Ammonite System Accu Thermo Type 24

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The ACCU THERMO battery has been designed to efficiently and reliably supply power to heated dive wear and umbilical dive lights operating at 12V. Simple and intuitive control, efficiency, and the highest possible durability distinguish ACCU THERMO from other devices on the market of modern diving equipment.

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Product Description

ACCU THERMO has two connection ports. They’re located at the top part of the casing. One port with a permanently installed E / O cord (cords with wet connector) is to be used only for the heated dive wear.
The heating supply has a three-stage heating control at the ranges of: 0 / 70%  / 100%. This port is equipped with the so-called intelligent E / O circuit. 200 W is the total electrical load capacity of the connected equipment (lighting, heated dive wear: undersuit, vest, gloves)! 

The “charging / torch” port is used to charge the battery and to connect 12V umbilical lights. This port is secured with an aluminium cap.

Please remember to secure the port with the cap when it is not being used to charge or power the umbilical light. Diving with a battery that has an improperly screwed cap securing the charging port will lead to flooding of the battery and, as a consequence, it will damage the battery.

The LED indicator is located on the top cover of the battery and it informs the user about the battery charge level and the operating status of the entire system.

After the power is turned on, the indicator first lights up for 4 seconds, providing information about the battery charge level:

  • green, steady: 75%-100% charging capacity
  • green, blinking: 50%-75% charging capacity
  • red, blinking: 25%-50% charging capacity
  • red, steady: less than 25% charging capacity

After the first four seconds, it switches to the mode that indicates the operating mode and the connection status of the heated dive wear:

  • two repeated red flashes, one green flash – battery ready, E/O receiver not connected.

When the receiver is connected and detected, the E/O circuit becomes active and it starts supplying power to the connected device.

  • green, steady – receiver connected; the system works properly.

The three-stage power control (0/70% / 100%.) ensures the effective management of energy and allows for extended battery life. The power is regulated by a large magnetic switch. It has a distinct step, noticeable even with thick gloves on.

It is an electronic circuit that protects the E / O cord (the metal pins in the E / O cord connector) against the harmful effects of electrolysis. When ACCU THERMO is not connected to any receiver (e.g., a heated vest), there is no voltage on the wet connector (E/O cord end). Thanks to the „intelligent E/O”, voltage is cut off automatically also when the cord gets unplugged during operation. This way, anytime the unconnected E/O cord is in the water, an electrical current doesn’t pass through its pins, making the system safe from damage.

The casing is made of a combination of hard anodized aluminium and Policatal (POM C). Policatal (POM C) is a light and extremely durable polymer resistant to mechanical damage.
The aluminium alloy used in ACCU THERMO is light, durable and resistant to corrosion in sea water. Additionally, the aluminium elements of ACCU THERMO have been covered with a protective layer of a hard anode. It makes the battery even more resistant to wear and mechanical damage. All graphics and inscriptions on the casing are laser-engraved, which makes them easy to read, as well as highly durable. The ACCU THERMO 14 casing is secured with two O-rings.

ACCU THERMO is the only battery on the market equipped with a safety exhaust valve. The Safety Valve is located in the lower part of the casing and it protects the battery against damage In the event of a Li-Ion battery pack failure, gas may be emitted and as a result, the battery casing may explode. The valve is maintenance-free and should not be disassembled. Do not interfere with the operation of the valve in any way.

Each Ammonite System battery pack is equipped with a BMS Battery Management System ensuring its safe operation. The system was used because the pack uses Li-Ion cells – they are very sensitive to overcharging, as well as to a deep level of discharge and to short circuit.

BMS provides additional benefits: extending the life of battery cells and maintaining a minimum safe level of charge.

The transportation of lithium batteries is subject to international regulations that may vary depending on the type of transport: whether it is by sea, road, or air.

To meet strict transport safety standards, the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries used in ACCU THERMO meet the requirements of UN Transportation Testing (UN / DOT 38.3).

The appropriate certificate can be downloaded from our website.

AMMOPOWER – top quality products and services backed by our extended to 3 years warranty.

AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER is a battery charger intended to charge ACCU THERMO lithium series batteries with 10,8 – 11,1V voltage. AMMO LITHIUM CHARGER is a universal, impulse source of current which switches off when the battery is fully charged. Charging time is dependent on the charging status of the battery pack. The charging status is shown on the LCD. Note that charger indications are only approximate. They allow you to determine an approximate level of battery charge. The charger is protected against voltage surges occurring in the network 100 / 240V.

We offer ACCU THERMO as a set which includes:


• Universal handle for attaching the battery to a harness


• Blind plug for E / O cord

• Silicone band for E / O cord

• Ammonite Butter – silicone grease

• Two silicone O-rings

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs


Battery Size

9 ah Heater Pack, 13.5 ah Heater Pack, 20 ah Lithium Ion Heater Pack


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