Pathos Open Pro Speargun

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The Pathos Open Pro Speargun is designed for experienced spearos who pursue prey that require fast and powerful shots.

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The Pathos Open Pro Speargun is designed for experience spearos who pursue prey that require fast powerful shots.

  • Handle D’Angelo with a low profile with reverse trigger mechanism that adds an extra 7cm of arming length.
  • The ergonomic design gives the feeling that the speargun is an extension of your hand.
  • Removable reinforced loading butt.
  • Has a reel base.
  • Fully anodized aluminium barrel 1.25±0.05mm thick with a shaft and a sharkskin surface for reduction of turbulent vortices.
  • Open muzzle for two bands.
  • 6.75mm Sandvik shaft with 3 sharkfins, a single flopper, and a tri-cut point.
  • Two 16mm black over amber bands.
  • Dyneema wishbones.

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60 cm, 70 cm


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